10 Library Resources at Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University

Libraries are an essential part of any student’s college life. Middle Tennessee State University houses five libraries which can provide resources, information, and instructional services suitable to the needs of its students, researchers, staff, and faculty alike.

1. Design to Learn (D2L) Support

Academic and instructional technology services

Desire2Learn or D2L is a full web-based learning environment suite about easy-to-use teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, and management. It is designed to offer students and faculties with the flexibility to tailor-made the environment to resemble how they approach teaching and learning while providing the necessary tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and community building further.

2. Group Study Rooms

The space can be reserved by MTSU students, faculty, and staff.

The group study rooms located on the 4th floor of the James E. Walker Library are the only ones that can be reserved on a first come first serve basis. They are equipped with a desktop computer, dry erase board, markers, and erasers for check out from the Service Desk on the 1st floor. Users can utilize the rooms for up to 4 hours.

3. Teaching with Primary Resources

Educators use digitized items at the library to reach out their students in an innovative way.

The MTSU Teaching with Primary Resources is a program by the Library of Congress conducted for Tennessee educators by the Center for Historic Preservation which aims to empower students and educators to develop learning experiences by involving the world through primary sources.

4. Presentation Practice Rooms

These rooms have all the equipment you need to practice and record your presentations.

The Presentation Practice Rooms is a place where students can practice and record their presentations. The spaces are intended for practicing and refining presentations for classes, seminars, conference presentations, thesis defense, and more. It is equipped with a large wall-mounted monitor, ceiling-mounted video camera with a small ceiling-mounted monitor and stereo microphone, desktop PC with video recording software, lectern, and wall mounted whiteboard

5. MakerSpace Green Screen Room

The MakerSpace Green Screen Room lets faculty and students shoot in green screen for up to 3 hours.

The MTSU MakerSpace Green Screen Room is multi-purpose where you can do various activities such as green screen shoots, virtual reality class assignments, and software tech coach sessions. It has both Windows and Mac computers to cater to MakerSpace and Mac Lab software aside from other essential equipment.

6. Technology Services

The Tech Help of the Technology Services can also help troubleshoot technology issues such as printing, file recovery, and more.

MTSU’s Technology services aim to improve the educational experience by encouraging students to use the latest and most innovative technology. It also teaches them to be literate and effective in using more sophisticated educational software, social media, and technology in line with the University’s mission of continuous learning.

7. Meeting Place 2

When not reserved, the space is open for general study use.

Meeting Place 2 is a semi-enclosed space within a larger group space used for meetings and presentations. It is large enough to accommodate 16 people and features flexible furniture and movable whiteboard partitions. A laptop may be checked out from Technology Services and hooked up to a large screen ceiling-mounted monitor.

8. Adaptive Technology Center (ATC)

The ATC is open to the public, with priority given to MTSU students registered with the Disability and Access Center.

The Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) is a campus resource for students that are registered with MTSU’s Disability and Access Center (DAC). They provide alternative formats of print material, adaptive hardware and software, and any other form of access via technology that is within their ability to offer.

9. Computers

Computers are available to students for 4-hour checkout at the Technology Services Desk.

The library computers include Windows desktop PC’s, Windows laptops, Linux desktops, Macs, and VR/AR/3D computers. To use a computer, log in with your MTSU credentials. Guest access is also available for personal laptops on the wireless network, though research database access is unavailable on a guest connection.

10. 3D Printing

You can have your project printed at the Technology Services or do it yourself in the MakerSpace.

Create models, prototypes, mechanical fittings, art, and more with MTSU’s 3D printers. The minimum charge is $4 per hour and $2per hour for academic projects. Charges will be applied to the user’s library account and must be paid online.


Top 5 Libraries at Middle Tennessee State University

1. James E. Walker Library

The library was named after Dr. James E. Walker, the 8th President of Middle Tennessee State University and an avid library supporter.

The James E. Walker Library has a capacity for 800,000 volumes and offers 1,500 general reader seats, 1,000 individual study carrel seats. It has facilities for private study through 31 group study rooms and 60 faculty research studies. The library has an active program of instruction, teaching the use of databases and other resources through two lab rooms.

2. Albert Gore Research Center

The Gore Center houses over 20 political collections.

The Albert Gore Research Center is a unit of the College of Liberal Arts at MTSU, and functions as an institution dedicated to the study of modern American politics, education, and southern history, with an emphasis on the participation of people and organizations from Middle Tennessee.

3. Center for Popular Music

Work with treasures from one of the country's largest music archives.

The center is one of the leading research and programming centers in the country devoted to the full study of popular and folk music in the United States and beyond.

4. Women’s Studies Library

The library offers a wide selection of women empowerment resources.

The Women’s Studies Library is located in the James Union Building and houses a variety of topics related to women and feminism. Anyone with a valid MTSU ID may check out books.

5. Andrew L. Todd Hall

The library was originally designed to hold 150,000 volumes.

The Andrew L. Todd Hall was now designed to hold 225,000 volumes, but by 1996 it held more than 600,000 volumes, almost three times its intended capacity. In April of 1987, a celebration was held to commemorate the half-millionth volume added to the library collection, an identical reprint of the Gutenberg Bible.  

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