Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Northern Colorado

If you want to be the best student that you can be, there are a few ways to make this happen. The best way is to use all the resources that you can while at school. Here are the top 10 library resources at the University of Northern Colorado.

1. Reserve a room

If you require privacy when you study, you can reserve a room in the library. This is a cool feature that you should use whenever you can. You can even meet with a group here to get work done.

a private room

2. Equipment rental

Another cool perk of the library is your ability to rent out professional equipment. More specifically, they have audio equipment and cameras here for you to use. This will save you a lot of money.

Video cameras

3. Library map

If you need help knowing where to find certain resources at the library, you should look at the library map. These are available in person at the library or online.

A map example

4. Ask a librarian

In order to make the most of your time at the library, you need to know what resources you have access to. A great way to find this out is by asking a librarian. You can chat in a question and a librarian will get back to you in a timely manner.

A librarian with books

5. Google Scholar

Google scholar is a great resource that you should use. This is the site that the library promotes I will give you access to eight hon of scholarly journals. This site is also very easy to use.

Google Scholar logo

6. Nexis Uni

One of the most expensive data bases that you have access to his nexis uni. This is a database that focuses on periodicals and articles. Be sure to use this while you can.

Nexis Uni logo

7. FAQ

By visiting the frequently asked questions section of the library‘s website, you can get all the information that you need. This is a great way to receive information without actually having to leave your home.

FAQ graphic

8. Research Workshops

If you need help with your research, you can attend one of the various research workshops. These are held by professionals in the library. Attending these classes will improve your grades.

Terms relating to research

9. Academic Search Premier

A very useful tool that you should use his academic search premier. This is a database that has a lot of archived documents and journals. This should be your first stop when conducting research.

ASP logo

10. Virtual Tour

The final great resource that you should use is the virtual tour. If you don’t want to look at a map, you can just sit back and take a virtual tour of the library.

A virtual tour example

5 Libraries at UNC

1. High Plains Library

One of the main libraries on campus is the high plains library. This building offers a ton to you as a student. It is important to visit this library frequently and take advantage of the resources.

library front

Address: N/A

2. Skinner Music Library

A more niche library is the skinner music library. If you are studying music, this will be a great place for you to visit. There are  always librarians here that will help you succeed.

The library front

Address: N/A

3. Library Archives

There is also a facility on campus dedicated to the library reserves and archives. The information here includes documents and other forms of rare artifacts. This is a very interesting place to work at.

a unique seating area

Address: N/A

4. Special Collection Library 

Similar to the archives facility is the special collections library. The difference here is that it is much bigger and has information pertaining mostly towards the university itself. If you are studying the school, this is a great place to look for information.

Shelves of documents

Address: N/A

5. Michener Library

The other main library in the area is the Michener library. This facility is a little bit smaller and has less people attending it. If you want to beat the rush, this is the place to go.

the library exterior

Address: N/A


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