Top 10 Clubs at Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College centre of campus

Santa Fe Community College is a public two-year community college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The school has a little more than 6,300 students. The small amount makes it easy for people to meet new friends as well as have a chance to connect with their professors for help.

1. Clay Club

 clay ceramic cups and bowls

Clay Club is  a group on campus that allows students to showcase their art work through donations and sales. It is a great way to connect with other enthusiasts of ceramics as well as educate people on how to create art with clay.

2. Fellowship of Gamers

 a student getting angry at a game with his controller

The fellowship of gamers play a wide range of games that deal with cards, tabletop, video, and other social games. The group seeks to bring the love of games to the community and is open to all. Make sure to come with any game suggestions.

3. Powertalkers Toastmasters

 the logo for toastmasters

The powertalkers toastmasters group is a group on campus that is committed to teaching you the basics of leaderships when it comes to talking. Often people are afraid of public speaking. This group shows you how to have more confidence.

4. Veterans United

 veterans in uniform in front of the flag

Veterans United is a group on campus that acts as a resource for people who are getting used to civilian life. They are meant to be support for those veterans as well as guiding them to resources that they can use to help get back on their feet.

5. The Student Voice

 a computer containing a newsletter

The Student Voice is a newsletter that is given to students as a source of information for fun school and local events to get to know. This is a great group of people who work tirelessly to get information out in a timely manner.

6. Phi Theta Kappa

 students in phi theta kappa gowns and cords

Phi Theta Kappa is the National Honors Society for those who attend a community college. The group is committed to hard work and excellence, which is why you need to have at least a 3.5 gpa for two recently consecutive semesters.

7. Student Ambassadors

 student ambassadors wearing special shirts

The student ambassadors are the face of the school. If you have a orientation or in general are looking to get a guided tour, the person showing you around is most likely a student ambassador. Student ambassadors are lively and more experienced students who can answer any questions you might have.

8. Fashion

 sketches of runway fashion

If you are a creative mind that is looking for an outlet to get their ideas layed out then fashion is for you. This club is a great way for students to get out of their shells and make something that is completely unique to them, you can also get advice on trends and looks from members.

9. Student Government Association

 the logo for student government association

Student Government Association is a group that is on campus that is the voice of the school. They are the people who represent the students and their concerns and opinions. It is a great way for students to be able to get involved and bring up new and innovative ideas.

10. Mycology

 a group of mushrooms in the ground or fungi

If you are in the sciences and are specifically looking to know more about biology, then this is the club for you. Mycology is the study of fungi and other small organisms. It is a good way to know about the uses that fungi has to humans.

Top Events of the School Year at  Santa Fe Community College

1. EMPLOYER RECRUITER: Michael’s Valet of Santa Fe

 a person in a car talking to a valet

If you are looking to make a few extra dollars on the side, you can do this by working for Michael’s Valet. There is a recruiter coming to the school to talk about the pay and the job. All you need is proof of a clean and safe driving record as well as license.

2. Glass Club Sale

 glass art made into a flower scene

Nothing says a unique gift for your loved one quite like the idea of hand-made. This beats out your average homemade card and elevates it to a handmade piece of beautiful glass that the glass club will be selling. Come by for this event and even check out club details on how to get involved.

3. Campus Cupboard

 the logo for campus cupboard

Campus Cupboard is an initiative on campus to fight against hunger. To be a successful student you cannot be hungry. The campus cupboard has their opening as a recurring event on Fridays when school is in session. Feel free to donate any items or if you know someone in need refer them, they only need to bring their school id.

4. Research and Citation help with librarians and tutors

 the difference between doing an in text citation and a bib

If you are working on a last-minute projects or just unsure if you are doing the assignment correctly come in for this event. A librarian and tutor will be there to have any questions asked about good research as well as the different tools you can utilize.

5. Career Walk in Clinic

 a resume going out to other people and a gear


The career walk in clinic is an event that allows students to have 45 minutes to be able to meet with a person who is knowledgable about the job industry. They can answer any questions such as that of creating and editing your resume as well as preparing for an interview.

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