10 of the Coolest Clubs at the University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado students gather at a game

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There is much more to do on the beautiful campus of the University of Northern Colorado than just study.

1. American Indian Student Organization

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Photo courtesy of UNC: the Native American Student Services committee stands before a brick building.

This club focuses specifically on Native American culture. Understanding and knowledge of this culture is found by studying current issues. The organization often works together with NASS.

2. Bear Den

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Photo courtesy of UNC: A student stands before a building decorated for New Student Orientation.

This club focuses on school spirit and involvement. Run by students for students, the Bear Den supports athletic teams and school pride. Community and camaraderie.

3. Caminando Unidos

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Photo courtesy of Facebook: students involved in Caminando Unidos

This organization is one that all students can be part of, though it is specifically geared towards Dreamers and allies. The goal is to create a safe environment for Dreamers and receive support. Resources invluce study hours, academic support, tutoring, events and retreats.

4. Clay Club

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Photo courtesy of UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts: a student uses the ceramic studio to make pottery.

This organization focuses on ceramic arts. It is not limited to the UNC community as well as the surrounding Greeley community. The club hosts pottery sales, lectures and workshops that include visiting artists.


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Photo courtesy of NAIME: the logo of the music organization.

This music organization meets monthly to provide opportunities for students in music. It is a professional organization regarding the knowledge of music practices. Music education, philosophy and function are discussed during meetings.

6. Halau Hula ‘O Ha’aheo

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Photo courtesy of UNC: students in the Halau Hula ‘O Ha’aheo organization pose for a photo at an event.

This organization seeks to bring the unique culture of Hawaii. The club represents the desire to share their unique culture and Spirit of Aloha with the university. Meetings are bi-weekly.

7. Manifesto Theater

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Photo courtesy of UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts: Students perform with student theater groups such as Manifesto Theater.

This is a theater company at the University of Northern Colorado. It provides students with a platform to produce their student work. Practicing artists can also use this as an inclusive creative outlet.

8. Operation: CHEESECAKE

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Photo courtesy of Facebook: The Operation: CHEESECAKE profile picture.

This organization with bi-weekly meetings focuses on performance. The concentration is on social action to promote community unity. Collaboration between the theater and music programs is something that the this group strives to foster.

9. Ping Pong Club

red and brown ping pong table on green panel
Photo courtesy of Unsplash: a red ping pong paddle sitting on a green surface.

Not every university has an official ping pong club. UNC does! This club is open to all players of all skill levels. Tournaments, doubles and singles are all available. The goal is to provide a “fun, casual way” to meet new people.

10. Printmaking Club

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash: a magnifying device over blocks of color.

The printmaking club seeks to inform the community of visual arts, specifically printing. Modern day printmaking as well as historical context of printmaking is discussed at their weekly meetings. Local art is also frequently showcased.

Top Events During the School Year at Rider

1. Catalyst: Social Justice Retreat

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Photo courtesy of UNC: students at Estes Park for the annual Catalyst retreat.

This retreat in held in January, is a three-day retreat. Participants must apply by November in order to be considered to attend. The focus of this retreat in Estes Park is to discuss diversity and social action. Students, faculty and staff alike attend.

2. Relay for Life

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Photo courtesy of The American Cancer Society: Luminaria bags line the track at R4L of Northern Colorado, honoring those affected by the disease.

A popular event on college campuses, Relay for Life raises money and awareness for cancer. Students can come together and form teams to raise the most amount of money for cancer research. The event is usually held early April.

3. Basketball Season

Image result for university of northern colorado basketball division
Photo courtesy of the Greeley Tribune: UNC students play another team at a DI basketball game.

The University of Northern Colorado is a Division I school and spirit is everywhere. If you have an interest in athletics of school spirit, the Tar Heels basketball season will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. Homecoming Weekend

students prepare to run through the tunnel onto the field at the home opening football game
Photo courtesy of UNCO.edu: University of Northern Colorado students pose during Homecoming Weekend.

Mid-October marks Homecoming Weekend at UNC. Along with football, alumni, and post-game parties, this weekend is one of celebration, win or lose.

5. Bear Brawl

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Photo courtesy of Facebook: UNC eSports members competing at Dreamhack Denver in 2017.

This gaming festival at UNC is one of the most popular in the nation. It a free event hosted by the eSports club. The festival allows attendees to play games, battle their friends, try out new things and more. It is usually late February.


Feature photo courtesy of UNC: University of Northern Colorado students gather at a game.


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