Top 10 Dorms at Pomona College

Mason Hall and the academic quad at Pomona College

Pomona College is one of the top academic institutions in terms of value. This value extends all the way to the residence aspect, as well. Here are ten of the best options for housing at Pomona:

1. Walker Hall

This is an image of Walker Hall

Address: 700 N College Way

Walker Hall is easily the best dorm on campus because of its high ranking amenities and close proximity to campus fixtures, like the library. For example, it has fully functioning kitchen and laundry facilities that were recently renovated. It also boasts the largest study lounge on the entire campus!

2. Sontag Hall

This is an image of Sontag Hall

Address: 701 N Amherst Street

Sontag Hall is not only the best for students, it’s the best for the environment. The only dorm on campus with a rooftop garden, it also has a renewable energy resource. This is thanks to the solar panels that power the amenities inside of Sontag!

3. Dialynas Hall

This is an image of Dialynas Hall

Address: 601 N Amherst Street

The newest residence hall on campus, Dialynas will make students feel like the college experience is a luxurious one. It also boasts a different kind of lounge that not every school will have. There’s a drop down screen Dialynas’ very own movie theater!

4. Lawry Court

This is an image of Lawry Court

Address: 375 E 6th Street

A smoke-free complex, Lawry Court is split into three towers. These towers help foster one of the strongest senses of community on the entire campus. The area is also very close to student unions and learning complexes, maximizing the ability for students to attend campus functions.

5. Smiley Hall

This is an image of Smiley Hall

Address: 550 N College Way

One of the oldest residence halls on the entire Pomona campus, the amenities are not as up to modern standards. However, this is kind of part of the charm, honestly. And it ranks this high on the list because it is located in the center of campus.

6. Gibson Hall

This is an image of Gibson Hall

Address: 251 E 2nd Street

Gibson Hall makes amazing use of its very small size by providing a lot of privacy for the students. Rooms do tend to fill up quickly here, however. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a dorm that feels like it’s a vacation home in southern California or central Florida?

7. Lyon Court

This is an image of Lyon Court with shrubs

Address: 173 E 2nd Street

Lyon’s claim to fame at Pomona is the fact that it has the largest dorm rooms on the entire campus. Boasting plenty of space for students to move into, Lyon features mostly freshmen. It is also just a quick jaunt away from some of the most coveted areas on campus, including the pool.

8. Mudd-Blaisdell

This is an image of Mudd-Blaisdell

Address: 230 E Bonita Ave

Mudd-Blaisdell is the largest residence hall on the entire Pomona campus. Housing the most students of any other residence hall, it makes it easiest for students to nab a room inside. They’ll definitely want to, too, because of the wide study rooms, conference rooms, and multiple laundry facilities.

9. Oldenborg Center

This is an image of the Oldenborg Center

Address: 350 N College Way

The Oldenborg Center provides the most unique college living experience at Pomona. The international building, students of all ethnicities and backgrounds live here. This diverse, rich experience becomes a building block of certain academic endeavors.

10. Wig Hall

This is an image of Wig Hall

Address: 120 E Bonita Avenue

Wig Hall is one of the more recently renovated halls on campus. It offers housing to first and second year students. There are also many different types of rooms that students can opt to live in at Wig, including suites.


Pomona has so many great residence options. It’s a shame that you can only live in one of them at any given time. How great it would be to utilize the benefits of each area listed above!

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Pomona

1. Room Basics

This is an image of multicolored towels

– Room divider
– Laundry basket
– Dresser
– Printer
– Towels

2. Food and Snacks

This is an image of microwave popcorn

– Microwavable popcorn
– Paper towels
– Ice cream
– Microwave
– Baking sheets

3. Tech and Entertainment

This is an image of an iPhone and its charger

– Cell phone
– Cell phone charger
– iPod/MP3 player
– CD player
– CDs

4. School Supplies

This is an image of a Dry Erase kit

– Sharpies
– Dry Erase markers
– Erasers
– Dry Erase tablets
– Pens

5. Cleaning and Organization

This is an image of a microfiber feather duster

– Feather duster
– Febreze
– Dish scrubber
– Dishwasher tablets
– Laundry pods

6. Campus Gear

This is an image of a UMass school hat

– Schoolwork folder
– School hat
– Running shoes
– Earbuds
– Backpack

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

This is an image of a blue lighter

– Lighter
– Candles
– Curtains
– Towel rack
– Microwave

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