Top 10 Dorms at Fairfield University

Fairfield University

In order to succeed while at school, you need to pick a good residence hall. This allows you to use the best resources available. Here are the top 10 dorms at Fairfield University!

1. Campion Hall

The first good option that you have is Campion Hall. This is a coed dorm that is very inclusive to everyone. There are single and double rooms available here.

Campion building

Address: 1073 N Benson Rd

2. Gonzaga Hall

Gonzaga Hall has a lot to offer to you as a student. An example is the vast amount of amenities that are at your disposal. These amenities include laundry machines and conference rooms. 

Gonzaga Hall

Address: East Langguth Rd

3. Jogues Hall

Jogues Hall is another good option that you have. This is a dorm that is located in the heart of campus. This allows you to get around school with ease. 

Jogues building

Address: McCormick Rd

4. Loyola Hall

Loyola Hall is one of the most popular locations for students to live. This is also a first-year dorm on campus. There are single and double rooms that you can choose from if you are a freshman.

Loyola hall

Address: N/A

5. Regis Hall

Regis Hall is a dorm that is located on the outskirts of campus. This gives you a little more peace and quiet because there is less movement around. This takes away stress from your schedule. 

Regis building front

Address: W Langguth Rd

6. Kostka Hall

If you are an upperclassman, you can live in Kostka Hall. This is an area where the annoying freshmen on campus are not allowed. This adds much more peace to your schedule.

Kostka building

Address: Mahan Rd

7. Claver Hall

Clever Hall is a building open to both freshmen and upperclassmen. This building offers a very tight knit community for you to enjoy. This allows you to enjoy your college experience. 

Claver building

Address: N/A

8. Westport Apartments

If you desire more freedom, you need to check out the Westport Apartments. The units here are much larger for you to enjoy. There are also less rules that you have to follow. 

the Morgan

Address: N/A

9. The Morgan

The Morgan is a popular off-campus option that you have. If you live here, you will save a bunch of money. You will also have a lot more room to live your life.

Address: N/A

10. Fairfield

The final off-campus option that you have is Fairfield. This large complex right next to campus. Since it is located less than 2 miles from the main campus, you will have no problem getting around easily. 

Fairfield Apartment building

Address: N/A

Here is your packing list for Fairfield University

1. Room basics

a shoe

– Mattress topper
– pillows
– sheets
– shoes
– clothes

2. Food and Drinks

a cup of tea

– Bottled water
– groceries
– fruit snacks
– coffee
– tea

3. Tech and Entertainment

a laptop

– Laptop
– cell phone
– chargers
– TV
– Netflix

4. School Supplies

a white binder

– Textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– folders
– binder

5. Cleaning and Organization 

a yellow hanger

– Paper towels
– wet wipes
– all-purpose cleaner
– closet organizer
– hangers

6. Campus gear

a black bike

– Walking shoes
– backpack
– bike
– scooter
– water bottle

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a small printer

– Pets
– furniture
– hover boards
– printer
– air conditioner

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