Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Occidental College

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University students often find it hard to manage their schoolwork with their extracurricular activities, but these activities are often worthwhile in the end, allowing them to experiment with new hobbies and make new friends. Below are 10 of the coolest clubs to join at Occidental College.

1. Art Club

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The Art Club strives to provide a safe and supportive community for student artists. As a club they promise to offer an outlet for creative needs.

2. Bee Club

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The Bee Club is dedicated to educating the community about native bee populations (as opposed to honey bees) and engage those interested in habitat restoration efforts.

3. Dance Production

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Dance Production is a student-led, student-choreographed, and student-danced organization that has prospered at Oxy for the past 71 years. With more than 200 students every year, Dance Production has become one of the the largest organizations on campus with a massive alumni base.

4. Enlighten to Empower

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Enlighten to Empower focuses on using creative expression which includes (visual representation, audio, video, poetry, performance, and other forms of expression) to create awareness and promote issues that are significant to them and their community. The club represents a welcoming environment that allows them to think creatively and flex their creative muscles.

5. Film Club

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The Film Club is open to all students of the Occidental community and consists of semi frequent screenings of new and old films from around the world that represent a diversity of human experiences, cultures, and politics. The hope is to watch films most people haven’t seen that spark meaningful conversations about not just the form itself but also about how it affects our understanding of the modern world and the moment in history in which it was made.

6. Gaming Club

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The Gaming Club is for gaming enthusiasts of all types: PC, XBOX, PS, Table Top, etc. The club is here to create a community for all types of people over their mutual love of all things games.

7. Geology Club

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The purpose of Oxy Geology Club is to provide an outlet for students, faculty, and staff who are interested in the study of earth sciences. Geology Club provides support for the community about natural disasters, the earth’s environment, current geologic events and discoveries, and education on field methods relative to the area.

8. Outdoors Club

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This Hiking Club provides an opportunity for Oxy students to explore the mountains and outdoor spaces of Southern California.

9. P.I.C.S. Photography Club

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PICS, Occidental’s photography club will employ the power of photography to reveal negative changes taking place and create a positive impact in the Highland Park neighborhood and community. We will use photography as a tool to encourage Occidental students get out of the Oxy bubble and explore their neighborhood, get in contact with the surrounding community, while growing aware of their effect on a changing neighborhood.

10. PULSE Hip Hop Dance Club

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The PULSE Hip Hop Dance Club showcases students’ talent in free, student-taught dance classes every week.

Top Events During the School Year at Occidental College

1. Latinx and Latin American Studies & Latinx Student Union Fall Cultural Festival

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At the Latin Fall Cultural Festival, you can hang out with the organization members and learn about the Latino/a & Latin American Studies major and the Latinx Student Union organization

2. El Día de Los Muertos Celebration

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The Newman Catholic Community cordially invites students to a meal honoring El Día de Los Muertos and a celebratory Mass following. Food (tamales, pan dulce, and more!) will be served in the Quad, in front of the chapel.

3. Oxy Arts Speaker Series

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Oxy Arts Speaker Series brings multidisciplinary LA-based artists to Occidental College to engage our community in conversation about their art, their inspirations, and why they do what they do in Los Angeles today.

4. Urinetown, The Musical

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A side splitting sendup of greed, love, revolution (and musicals!), set in a time when water is worth its weight in gold. Hilariously funny and touchingly honest, Urinetown provides a fresh perspective on one of America’s greatest art forms – the Broadway musical.

5. U-R-U

An image of the evolution of robotics

What happens when the power of machines exceeds those of nature? When robots do everything — from building weapons, to teach Ashtanga, to simulate a perfect sunrise while playing a soft acoustic cover of your favorite Bowie song — what happens then? First daughter Helen Spectacular travels to Robo Island (Silicon Valley meets the Bermuda Triangle) on a secret mission to free thousands of robots from servitude.



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