Top 8 Residence Halls At Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University campus field

This public university is a great place to go to for college! It focuses on agriculture and applied science, and has a lot of amazing educational opportunities. The research opportunities here are also amazing. If you are interested in coming to this school, or just want to learn more about living on campus, here are 8 of the top dorm halls at Mississippi State University!

1. Ruby Hall

Image of Ruby Hall

Address: Ruby Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Ruby Hall is one place to live at on campus. It’s located in the North Zone of campus. It’s new construction style and has individual temperature control for each of the rooms.

2. Rice Hall

Image of Rice Hall

Address: Rice Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Rice Hall is another amazing place to live at on campus. It’s located in the south zone of campus. The housing style is traditional, and offers free internet and air conditioning in each of the rooms.

3. Cresswell hall

Image of Cresswell Hall

Address: Cresswell Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Cresswell Hall is a great place to live at on campus. It’s also located in the south zone and has fridges and microwaves in each room. The community here is very inclusive, and it’s a great place for students to live.

4. Critz hall

Image of the outside of Critz Hall

Address: Critz Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Critz Hall is an amazing place to live. Not only is the outside of the dorm hall beautiful, the inside is just as pretty. The rooms are traditional and come with a fridge and a microwave. They also are air conditioned and have free cable.

5. Hathorn Hall

Picture of the outside of Hathorn Hall

Address: Hathorn Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hathorn Hall is located in the south zone of campus. This hall is a female only dorm. It’s also restricted to upper-class men students, so it’s a very good place to be productive and get to know your peers. This dorm is primary for students in sororities.

6. Hull Hall

Image of the outside of Hull Hall

Address: Hull Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hull Hall is located in the central zone of campus. It’s a traditional style building with double and singe room types. Each of the rooms has its own fridge and microwave, and it also comes with free wifi and internet.

7. Hurst Hall

Image of the outside of Hurst Hall

Address: Hurst Hall, Mississippi State, MS 39762

Hurst Hall is another great place to live in. It’s an amazing dorm hall with a very close community. Each room has its own private bathroom.

8. Oak Hall

Image of the outside of Oak Hall

Address: Oak Hall., Mississippi State, MS 39762

Oak Hall is in the south zone of campus. This is a great dorm to live in because it’s very close to everything, and the community in this dorm is amazing. A lot of the residents form close bonds and create lasting friendships.


Those are only a few of the amazing places to live at Mississippi State University! This is a very unique place to attend college and it offers a lot of really cool places to live at on campus. If you are interested in this college, it would be beneficial to your high education experience to spend a year or two in the dorms at this awesome college!

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Mississippi State University

1) Room Basics
Image of a bed

– Pillows
– Comforter
– Bedding
– Slippers
– Robe

2) Food and Snacks
Image of Snacks

– Instant Ramen
– Mac and Cheese
– Fruit snack
– Juice boxes
– Bottled water

3) Tech & Entertainment

Image of Ear pods

– Computer Monitor
– Headphones
– Charger
– Laptop
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

Image of a planner

– Pens
– Planner
– Pencils
– White board
– cork board

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing
Image of hangers

– Clorax wipes
– Hangers
– Closet organizer
– 3 tiered night stand
– Drawer organizer

6) Campus Gears
Image of a bike

– Bike
– Bike lock
– Back Pack
– Keychain
– Lanyard
– Good walking shoes

7) Items you should ask first before bringing
Image of candles

– Internet motem
– Microwave
– Candles
– Hot Plates
– Mini Fridges

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