Top 10 Dorms at Diablo Valley College

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A majority of students that attended Diablo Valley College live in an apartment on or near campus. That being said, there are a few options that you have. Here are the top 10 dorms at Diablo Valley College.

1. North Ridge Apartments

North Ridge Apartments is one of the most popular places to live. This is right on campus and has a lot to offer to you. You’ll be able to have a little more room to live your life here.

Diablo valley college north ridge apartments

235 Camelback Rd

2. Camelback North

Another great place to live is camelback north. This is a classical dorm on campus. A lot of first year students tend to live here.

Image result for diablo valley college north

321 Golf Clun

3. Camelback Court

Camelback court is right next to Camelback north. This is another residence hall that has some great amenities. Some examples include laundry facilities computer labs.

Diablo valley college camelback court

15 Camelback Court

4. Camelback South

The final Camelback location is camelback south. Like the other locations, this one is a great place to live. It’s location on campus allows you to get around very easily.

Diablo valley college camelback suth

2089 Camel Lane

5. Briarwood Apartments

The final location on campus are the Briarwood Apartments. If you want a little more room, this is where you need to live. You also have much more freedom here.

Diablo valley college briarwood apartments

141 Golf Club

6. Hillside Village

One of the cheapest places to stay is at hillside Village. Rent is very cheap here, in the building is great. This is a great place to live if you want some good free.

Diablo valley college hillside village

Address NA

7. Mira Vista Hills

Mira Vista Hills is another great place to live. Although it is about 10 miles from campus, it still is a great place to live if you want to save some money.

Diablo valley college mira vista hills

2201 San Jose Dr

8. The Retreat

One of the closer locations is known as the retreat. This area is a little more expensive but is only about 5 miles away from campus. This means that you can get to and from class for me.

Diablo valley college the retreat

9. Kirker Creek

Kirker creek is another great option that you have. This location is about 9 miles away from campus has a lot to offer to you. There is even a pool here that you can enjoy.

Diablo valley college kirker creek

10. Rose Garden Apartments

The final great place for you to live is Rose Garden Apartments. This is about 10 miles away from campus and is very new. You even have a full kitchen and every apartment unit.

Diablo valley college rose garden apa


Here is your packing list for Diablo Valley College

1. Room basics

white shoes

  • garbage can
  • desk lamp
  • area rug
  • clothes
  • shoes

2. Food and drinks

a bottle of water

  • coffee
  • bottled water
  • fruit snacks
  • granola bars
  • utensils

3. Tech and entertainment

a white cell phone

  • computer
  • cell phone
  • chargers
  • adapters
  • extension cord

4. School supplies

stack of textbooks

  • textbooks
  • calculator
  • note cards
  • looseleaf paper
  • pencils

5. Cleaning and organization

a doormat

  • desk organizer
  • doormat
  • shoe rack
  • vacuum
  • all purpose cleaner

6. Campus gear

an orange umbrella

  • backpack
  • bicycle
  • walking shoes
  • umbrella
  • water bottle

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a table of food

  • dogs
  • food
  • microwave
  • refrigerator
  • printer

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