Top 10 Dorms at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University building entrance

Azusa Pacific University is a private, Christian university in Southern California. Azusa Pacific University has many dorms for students to live at while attending school. Here are top ten dorms at Azusa Pacific University.

1. Adams Hall

Adams Hall sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Adams Hall is a three-story, all-female residence hall. Adams Hall has a large lounge and a few smaller lounges. Adams Hall is a great place to form a community as most of their dorm rooms are a traditional double occupancy.

2. Engstrom Hall

Engstrom Hall exterior and sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Engstrom Hall is a co-ed dorm for freshmen at Azusa Pacific University. The dorm is set up suite-style with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Each floor has a lounge, conventional ovens, and laundry facilities. All residents must have a meal plan.

3. Smith Hall

Smith Hall exterior and sign

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Smith Hall is an all-male dorm at Azusa Pacific University. Smith Hall is a traditional dorm building with community style bathrooms. Smith Hall has a large lounge and laundry facilities. Residents are required to have a meal plan.

4. Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall exterior building

Address: 901 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa California 91702

Trinity Hall is the biggest residence hall and is co-ed in Azusa Pacific University. Each floor contains a meeting room, coffee area, and a prayer room. There is also a large lounge on the first floor. Trinity Hall also has an elevator with access to all floors.

5. Alosta Place

Alosta Place exterior

Address: 1130 E Alosta Ave., Azusa, California 91702

Alosta Place is an apartment complex at Azusa Pacific University. Alosta Place is a community mixed with individually owned units which is what makes it unique. These apartments are either one or two bedrooms and all units include a kitchen and living room.

6. Shire Mods

Shire Mods houses and the courtyard

Address: 18757 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

Shire Mods is a residential community with apartment-style living. The layout is more spacious and has a large courtyard. These apartments also include utilities, a laundry facility, and furniture. There are two main floor plans: one with two bedrooms and one with a large five bedroom style suite.

7. University Village

University Village building exterior

Address: 801 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

University Village is an apartment designed for students and located in a unique location. The apartments feature a living room, kitchen and a few bedrooms each. The apartments are furnished and include utilities.

8. Bowles

Bowles Apartments exterior

Address: 1150, 1160, or 1170 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702 (depending on assignment)

Bowles is an apartment-style housing option across the street from the main campus. Bowles has a tight-knit community and has shared courtyard areas and lounges. There are laundry facilities available on site.

9. University Park

University Park apartments and pool

Address: 1000 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702

University Park is an apartment complex which offers housing for sophomores. University Park has an on-site laundry facility, recreation activities, and a pool. The apartment offers one and two bedroom floor plans.

10. Avalon Glendora

Avalon Glendora pool, lounge, and buildings

Address: 121 E Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740

For students that have a car, there are the Avalon Glendora apartments located only a mile from the main campus. The apartments offer one bedroom, two bedrooms, and studio floor plans. The apartment comes with a pool, lounge, fire pit and washer/dryer in unit.

Here’s Your Move-in day Packing List for Azusa Pacific University

1. Room Basics

Dorm room with beds, decoration, and bedding

– Bedding
– Room decor
– Lamps
– Pillows
– Pictures
– Storage
– Clothes

2. Food and Snacks

Different food and snacks

– Mini-fridge
– Snacks
– Easy to make food
– Groceries
– Candy
– Granola Bars

3. Technology and Entertainment

Image result for technology and entertainment

– Laptop
– Cell phone
– Video games
– Movies
– Books
– Chargers

4. School Supplies

– Pens
– Pencils
– Organization
– Notebooks
– Sticky notes
– Colored pencils

5. Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

– Laundry detergent
– Broom
– Wipes
– Sponges
– Bathroom cleaning supplies

6. Campus Gears

APU campus t-shirt

– T-shirts
– Hoodies
– Backpacks
– Water bottle
– Snacks
– School supplies
– Umbrella

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

Pets to represent things you should not bring

– Pets
– Mini-fridge
– Hoverboards
– Halogen lamp
– Microwave

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