Top 10 Dorms at Creighton University

Harper Center at Creighton University.

In order to succeed while at college, you need to surround yourself with good vibes. By living in a good dorm, you can accomplish this. Here are the top 10 dorms at Creighton University.

1. Gallagher Hall

The first dorm is Gallagher Hall. This is a freshman dorm that is on campus. If you need help getting used to college life, this is the place to be.

Gallagher building

Address: N 27th Plaza

2. Kiewit Hall

Another great dorm is kiewit Hall. This is the main freshman dorm on campus. In fact, just under 500 freshmen live here every year.

Far shot of Kiewit Hall

Address: N 27th Plaza

3. Swanson Hall

If you are a freshman or a sophomore, you can live in Swanson hall. This is a coed dorm that is excepting of everyone. This building also offer single and double rooms.

Swanson hall building

Address: N/A

4. Deglman Hall

Deglman Hall is one of the smaller dorms on campus. Although the size is not big, there are still plenty of resources for you to use.

front of Deglman Hall

Address: N 24th St.

5. Heider Hall

Another coed space on campus is Heider hall. This is a dorm specifically designed for sophomore students. This building is made up of a tightknit community.

Heider building

Address: 302 N 22nd St.

6. Kenefick Hall

Kenefick Hall is a dorm that can provide a lot to you. There are amenities here that cannot be found at any other location. Some include computer labs and game rooms. 

Kenefick building

Address: 320 N 22nd St.

7. Davis Square Apartments 

If you want a little more freedom, you should stay at Davis Square Apartments. This complex houses hundreds of upper-class students every year. There are also less rules that you have to follow.

Davis square area

Address: 20th St.

8. Opus Hall Apartments

Another great apartment complex is opus Hall Apartments. This is the largest apartment complex on campus. You’ll have a great time if you choose to live here.

Opus hall area

Address: Florence Blvd.

9. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most popular off-campus housing options that you have. If you choose to live here, you’re going to help build your credit and have much more freedom.

Capitol Hill building

Address: 320 N 22nd St.

10. ViewHouse Apartments

ViewHouse Apartments is a great place for you to live off of campus. This is located less than one mile away from campus. This allows you to get around with ease.

An apartment complex

Address: 1111 North 27th St.

Here is Your Packing Lost for Creighton University

1. Room Basics

an area rug

 comfy chair
– mattress topper
– desk lamp
– area rug
– garbage can 

2. Food and Drinks 

a pile of snacks

– bottled water
– instant coffee
– microwavable meals
– Ramen noodles
– fruit snacks 

3. Tech and Entertainment 

Doctor typing at their keyboard

– cell phone
– computer
– extension cords
– Netflix
– scanner 

4. School Supplies

a graphing calculator

– textbooks
– calculator
– backpack
– note cards
– pens
– pencils 

5. Cleaning and Organization

wet wipes

– wet wipes
– paper towels
– laundry detergent
– shoe rack
– doormat 

6. Campus Gear 

a black bike

– Spirit wear
– bicycle
– walking shoes
– water bottle
– umbrella

7. Things to Ask About Before Bringing

dog and cat

– pets
– guests
– hoverboards
– alcohol
– furniture

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