10 CU Boulder Library Resources You Need to Know About

CU Boulder Library

At the University of Colorado – Boulder campus, there are plenty of library resources as well as libraries fit for every student in every major. Read below to find out which one suits you the best!

1. The Writing Center

The Writing Center -U Colorado

The Writing Center at the University of Colorado- Boulder is specialized in helping graduate students write their lengthy dissertations, thesis, and publications. This support is offered in many different forms, such as individual sessions, workshops, write-ins, and also has a weekly dissertation writing group. Going to the Writing Center is highly encouraged of all students.

2. Media Conversion Services

Media Conversion

At the Media Conversion Services, specialists can copy media, edit clips, encode web files, and convert between varied formats including, but not subjected to, audio/video, discs, etc. Although the Media Conversion Services is affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder, anybody can use the Media Conversion Services if they ask. They have a phone number and email that citizens can use if they need to use this service center.

3. Norlin Faculty Study

Norlin Faculty Study

The Norlin Faculty Study is enclosed in the Norlin Library. It is a place for UColorado Boulder faculty members and researchers to conduct their research in peace and quiet, and offers them the library resources they need. The desks are first come, first serve though, so hurry in quick to get a spot!

4. Graduate Carrels

Graduate Carrels

At the University of Colorado Boulder, the Graduate Carrels is a high-demand area of quiet and seclusion. Each carrel is like a personal study space, with just enough room for one person. There is a very long waitlist to be let into the carrels.

5. “Reserve-A-Room”

reserve a study room

Students are given the opportunity to reserve a room to study and meet with classmates in . They can reserve a room in any of the five libraries on campus. These study rooms can hold more than 30 people in them, making a perfect area for study sessions.


Nikon Camera

MELL stands for the Multimedia Equipment Lending Library, and is exactly as it sounds. It allows students to lend multimedia equipment for projects, for making fun videos, or for spontaneous photoshoots! MELL is open to all Colorado Boulder students, faculty, and staff.

7. Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Materials on the course reserves may be checked out from any of the five libraries on campus. This is super handy for students who need information on their course as soon as possible. But don’t keep your course reserve material overdue, as they are charging two dollars per hour overdue!

8. Walk-In Computer Support Center

Computer Room

All students, faculty, and staff of the University of Colorado Boulder have full access to the Walk-in Computer Support Center. Here, hardware and software help is provided. The Walk-in Computer Support Center is located in the Norlin Library.

9. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

The University of Colorado offers an Interlibrary Loan, where students, faculty and staff can loan books from any of the surrounding libraries, if their books or materials are not offered or available at any of the libraries on campus. The two websites linked to this Interlibrary Loan are Prospector and Mobius.

10. Prospector


As mentioned above, Prospector is one of the services offered to help students, faculty and staff get books or study materials that are not offered at any of the on-campus libraries. Prospector is a group of regional libraries, where millions of books and materials can be shared. Using Prospector is the quickest way to get materials that are not offered on campus.

Libraries of the University of Colorado – Boulder

1. William M. White Business Library

Koelbel Business Building

The William M. White Library is specific to business classes and majors. It offers a special Business Writing Center, which is open 1-5 most days. It’s regular hours during the week are Monday-Thursday 8am until 11pm.

2. Earth Sciences and Map Library

Earth Sciences Library

The Earth Sciences and Map Library provides maps, geospatial data, and GIS and data visualization support. This library treats all needs to the earth sciences. It includes over 20,000 maps on site.

3. Leonard H. Gemmill Engineering, Math and Physics Library

Gemmill Library

The Leonard H. Gemmill Engineering, Math and Physics Library is actually located within the math building at the University of Colorado Boulder. This library offers research assistance, workshops and classroom instruction. This library has everything a Engineering, Math, or Physics major could dream of.

4. William A. Wise Law Library

William A. Wise Library

The William A. Wise Law Library is directly affiliated with ColoradoLaw, the University of Colorado Boulder Law School. They offer legal research courses, as well as professional librarians to answer all your law questions. During the week, this library is open 7am until 12am.

5. Howard B. Waltz Music Library

Music Library

The Howard B. Waltz Music Library proudly houses the largest and most important music research base between Chicago and Los Angeles. The library specifically caters to those involved with the College of Music on campus. However, anybody can use this library to better their understanding in the wonderful world of music.


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