Top 10 Dorms at the CU Boulder

The main sign at the entrance of CU Boulder

A great way to succeed at school is by living in a healthy way. A big factor of this is living in a dorm that is fun and safe. Here are the top 10 dorms on the main campus of the University of Colorado-Boulder!

1. Cheyenne Arapaho Hall

Cheyenne Arapaho Hall is a popular dorm for a lot of business students. This is also a great facility that has a lot to offer to you. You will be in a great environment here.

Cheyenne Arapaho Exterior, Stone building with tall columns, mature trees and the Flatirons in the background

Address: 960 Green Mountain St

2. Aden Hall

A great place for freshmen to live is Aden Hall. This is where incoming students live in order to get acclimated to college life. This building offers single and double rooms for you to enjoy.

aden hall external view with grassy front

Address: 2320 Libby Dr

3. Baker Hall

A great place for students of all ages to live is Baker Hall. This hall is a large complex that houses hundreds of students at a time. The beautiful brick adds even more homeliness to the area.

newly renovated stone building

Address: 2005 Baker Dr

4. Smith Hall

About 300 students live in Smith Hall every year. This means that a strong sense of community inhabit these halls. This is a coed dorm for students of all majors.

Smith Exterior, stone three story building with mature trees and bike rack out front.

Address: 2525 Kittredge Loop Dr

5. Willard Hall

Willard Hall houses even more students of all backgrounds and majors. There are a few floors of this building that have single and double rooms. This allows you to have options when picking where to live. Willard Exterior, stone building with mature trees surrounding

Address: 2200 Willard Loop Dr

6. Crosman Hall

A much smaller dorm is Crosman Hall. This is where a lot of engineering students like to stay. This makes sure that you are surrounded by students with similar interests.

Crosman external view of east side of building, natural red bricks, flowers and bushes, sunny summer day

Address: 1015 Cockerell Dr

7. Arnett Hall

The community in this dorm is global studies. This is a great meeting spot for students to work on projects and homework. This is also a coed space.

Arnett external shot showing south side, stairs, patio

Address: 2590 Kittredge Loop Dr

8. Farrand Hall

A majority of the arts and sciences majors stay at Farrand Hall. This building houses over 400 students with similar interests. This is a coed dorm that offers single, double, and triple rooms.

Farrand Exterior, stone building with a big grand staircase leading to the front door

Address: 2200 Baker Dr

9. Buckingham Hall

If you are going into the media, you should live in Buckingham Hall. This hall is home to the communications students on campus. This ensures that you can live with the same students that are in your class.

Buckingham exterior, stone building surrounded by mature trees

Address: 2605 Kittredge Loop Dr

10. Stearns East Hall

Stearns East Hall is a great dorm on campus. This is because the location is about perfect to get around campus. There are single, double, and triple rooms available here.

Stearns East Exterior, tall brick building with mature trees surrounding

Address: 600 30th St

Here is your Packing List for UC-Boulder

1. Room Basics

 A common dorm room

– Mattress topper
– pillows
– desk lamp
– garbage can
– sheets

2. Food and Snacks

 snack foods

– bottled water
– coffee
– tea
– groceries
– fruits

3. Tech and Entertainment


– chargers
– scanner
– computer
– cell phone
– extension chords

4. School Supplies

img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-90489″ src=”” alt=”notebook and pencil ” width=”400″ />

– pencils
– paper
– textbooks
– binders
– folders

5. Cleaning and Organizing

 Cleaning supplies

– paper towels
– wet wipes
– plates
– utensils
– shoe rack

6. Campus gear

A backpack

– walking shoes
– backpack
– bike
– umbrella
– rain jacket

7. Things to Ask Before Bringing

 a pet dog

– pets
– hoverboards
– printers
– skateboards
– furniture


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