10 Library Resources You Need to Know at ASU

10 Library Resources You Need to Know at ASU

Arizona State is a great public metropolitan university in Phoenix. It is one of the largest public universities by enrolment in America. ASU has great facilities and multiple libraries to boot!

1. ASU Database


The Database is a perfect tool for students to use when they’re in search of scholarly articles, books, newspapers, or any other source. It’s a useful way to find sources for papers!

2. RefWorks


RefWorks ProQuest is a web based citation tool for students to use. It helps students manage their citations and references for projects, essays and papers.

3. Mkrservices


Mkrservices is a space for students to have access to free library resources, tools, personal assistance, and more. They also offer a study space for students to use at no cost.

4. Media Booking


Media Booking is a service for classroom instruction and research. Students or staff can book a time slot for video availability or materials. It is a great resource offered by the ASU library for film projects!

5. Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Reading Lists are great tools for finding any resources like books or journals that you need for a class. If you cannot find it in blackboard or your teacher doesn’t offer it, check the reading list to see if it is available!

6. Map and Geospatial Hub

Globes lined up in a row

The Maps and Geospatial Hub is a great resource for access to maps and materials, aerial photography, geospatial data, software, etc. There are great cartographic tools here.

7. Data Science and Analytics Unit


This unit connects researchers at ASU to pursue research that utilizes machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining.

8. Interlibrary Loan


This resource is a great way to gain access to library materials. Students and staff can request the materials or books they need at the library, pick it up, and return it on a designated date.

9. Study Zones

Study Room

Study Zones are specific study areas in the ASU libraries that offer certain types of study environments. Common study zones allow noise, quiet study zones allow minimal noise, and silent study zones allow no noise at all.

10. Research and Publication Studies


The Research and Publication Studies is a resource for students to get help with research planning, execution, project management, etc. They help students with data management, data resources, publishing, and more.

Libraries at Arizona State

1. Daniel E. Noble Science and Engineering Library

Noble Library

This is the science library at ASU. It is the home to over 425,000 volumes; 1,200 print and several thousand electronic journal subscriptions; 210,000 sheet maps and 20,500 aerial photographs.

2. Music Library

 Music Sheet

The Music Library houses musical scores, recordings, videos, books and periodicals all about music. It is a library dedicated to the history of music and its influence on the world.

3. Hayden Library

Hayden Library

Hayden Library is the home to numerous books and research materials in the humanities and social sciences, including business and education. It is one of the main libraries on campus, and hosts an impressive collection.

4. Ross-Blakely Hall

 Law Library

This building was previously the law library, but eventually became the library for the Department of English and Institute of Humanities Research. It is named after two prominent ASU almuni attorneys.

5. Architecture Library


The Architecture and Design Library is located in the Design North building. It contains more than 30,000 volumes about of urban planning, environmental design and architecture.

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