10 Drexel University Buildings You Need To Know

Drexel University campus building

Drexel University is a private research university located in Pennsylvania, United States. Between 1995 and 2009, Drexel University underwent a period of significant change to its programs, enrollment, and facilities under the leadership of Dr. Constantine Papadakis. His leadership also guided the university toward all kind of improvements, from the addition to its Law and Medical Schools to the innovative and modern research facilities. This is why, for its impact in advanced educational, technology and research facilities, here’s a list of 10 Drexel University buildings you need to know.

1) Bossone Research Enterprise Center


The new Bossone Research Enterprise Center, located adjacent at the Commonwealth Hall, is an 80000 square feet construction with 70000 square feet of renovated space. The building fosters synergy around researchers, the student body, and the surrounding scientific and corporate communities. The lively reception and the student’s café welcome all the visitors upon entering the building. The facilities include a lecture hall, exhibition labs, and an electron microscope suite.

2) Center for Automation Technology

center automation

The Center for Automation Technology was designed as the brand new second phase of the LeBow Engineering Center. This new addition faces the eastern entrance to Commonwealth Hall to create a courtyard. The ones in charge of the construction was the Kling Lindquist Partnership which is an American architectural firm.

3) Creese Student Center


The Creese Student Center offers lounges, meeting rooms, retail dining locations, a fully-equipped theater and more. The Center also houses administrative and academic offices and is home to many student organizations at the Greenawalt Student Development Center. The Information Desk located on the first floor of the Creese Student Center is a valuable resource for students, offering information on what is happening on campus and throughout the region.

4) Kline Law Building and Library

Kline law

The Kline Law Building and Library is a Legal Research Center that is a state of the art library and houses the law school. The library’s collection reflects the curricular and research needs of the faculty and students with a particular emphasis on the areas of concentration: business and entrepreneurship, criminal law, health law and intellectual property.

5) Drexel Smart House

smart house

The Drexel Smart House is envisioned to be a “living laboratory” in which students will live and provide critical feedback on various research projects. The Drexel Smart House organization is uniquely structured to give students involved an advantage in commercializing, licensing, and market entry based on research conducted within the organization. The Drexel Smart House ?rst began in 2006 and within the first 16 months, the Drexel Smart House organization was given an experimental 4,500 square foot property on campus, and a 300 square foot laboratory.  Since then, the organization’s membership has grown dramatically and has impacted more than 600 students from all of the Colleges at Drexel University.

6) Hagerty Library


The Hagerty Library is one of the libraries that complete the large research buildings at Drexel University. This Library holds an extensive collection of materials for all major fields in library and information science and information systems. The library houses nearly half a million books, periodicals, microforms, and non-print materials. Its strengths include technology, pure science, business, design, nutrition, and information science. The social sciences, architecture, fine arts, and general literature are also represented in the collection. Also it can be use the Library’s Web-based information system to access materials and online databases, electronic journals, and information resources worldwide. The Library continues to be a leader in offering Internet accessible databases.

7) Mandell Theater


The 424 seat proscenium theater is the primary performance venue for performances by the Theater, Music, and Dance programs at Drexel University. Mandell is also used for Drexel University events and special presentations by outside organizations. Mandell is available for rental outside of the Academic Quarters. The theater is ADA compliant and has listening enhancement devices.

8) Rush Building


The Rush Building houses on campus classes, CCI administrative offices (academic advising, admissions, faculty, etc.) and the iCommons computer lab (open to all CCI students). The building holds 6 classrooms equipped for audio-visual presentation. These rooms typically contain a networked PC, HD video player, ceiling mounted projectors, and other equipment for presentations and demonstrations. Four of these classrooms are fully equipped to function as laptop computing labs for networking, programming and database-related projects.

9) Handschumacher Dining Center


The Handschumacher Dining Center, most commonly known as The Han, is located just off of Chestnut St. The Hans features an all- you-care-to-eat dining option that provides variety along with everyday favorites. It’s of the biggest and innovative dining options in the Drexel Campus that serves all the Drexel community.

10) Korman Center

Korman Center

The Korman Center gained its current name in 1977 when the building was dedicated in honor of alumnus, Max W. Korman and his brother, alumnus and trustee Samuel J. Korman. This building, that houses The Instructional Technology Center (ITC), went under an extensive renovation that gave the Korman Center, home of state-of-the-art classrooms, a new look and comfortable lounges that enhance the link between learning and high-tech connectivity. The project included 9000 square feet of common space in its interior and transformed the public space adjoining the Korman Center. This improved the campus atmosphere and spotlights the renamed Korman Quadrangle as a great public gathering space at Drexel.

Interesting Facts about Drexel University

1) “Hogwards”


You never imagine that Harry Potter’s Hogwards Magic School could have something similar in our world but then there is the Drexel’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law. This School has its students split into four groups, same as in Hogwards, and the names could not fit any more theme: The Athenaeum, the Liberty Bell, the Hill-Physick House, and the Rocky Statue.

 2) Apple Partner


In 1984, when the Macintosh was born, Michael Hagerty, Drexel’s president, required students to have microcomputers, making Drexel the first university in the world to require its students to use microcomputers. Through partnering with Apple, students could receive Macintoshes at a discounted price.

3) From Drexel to the NASA


Include in the large list of amazing graduate Drexel students there are three Drexel engineering alums that have been to space with the NASA. James P. Bagian (1973) flew on two shuttle missions in 1989 and 1991 and developed what are now the standard treatments for space motion sickness. Paul Richards (1987) flew on the eighth shuttle mission to the International Space Station in 2001. And Chris Ferguson (1984) was captain on the final space shuttle flight in 2011.

4) Drexel Co-Op


Drexel began its cooperative education program in 1919, making it one of the oldest in the USA. Through the co-op program, students are able to alternate academic study with full-time employment, gaining practical experience in their field of study. Drexel University has been a pioneer in cooperative education operating one of the largest cooperative education programs in the nation. Over 1650 business, industrial, governmental, and other institutions “cooperate” with Drexel in offering students the opportunity to acquire practical experience in employment related to college studies. Drexel students also have the opportunity to explore research, national and international co-op experiences.

5) BioWall


The Drexel’s Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, opened in 2011, contains a five-story biowall that serves as a living air filter. The contaminated air is drawn into water that trickles behind the wall; microbes in the roots of the plants on the wall remove particulates and volatile compounds from the water. Drexel was the first university in the United States to contain such a feature.

Between all that can be said about Drexel, there is one word that can describe all of what Drexel University represents, and that is: Innovation. Change is a fact that is not easy to accept or even to make but Drexel took those steps long ago and now is a leader in Smart Buildings and Advanced Technology Research Buildings among all the United States Universities making it one of the best options to attend.

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