10 Buildings at Ithaca that You Need to Know

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For any student attending his or her college for the first time, one of the most important things to know is what and where all the buildings are, whether they be lecture halls, students centers, or dining halls. Below are the buildings you need to know at Ithaca College.

1. Towers Dining Hall

the Towers Dining Hall

Towers Dining Hall offers several stations for hungry residents. Foods are grilled to order at Ignite, vegetarian dishes are offered daily at the Basil station, and a mix of classic favorites and healthy options found at Daily Dish and Chef’s Table.

2. Williams Hall

Williams Hall

Williams Hall is the nerve center, so to speak, of our psychology, mathematics,  and computer science research on campus. Each of these departments offers an impressive array of laboratories and equipment to support faculty and student research.

3. Fitness Center

the Fitness Center

The fitness center is the premier spot on campus for getting, and staying, in shape. Available to the Ithaca College community free of charge, the center is open seven days a week, with limited hours during breaks.

4. Park Hall

Park Hall

Future filmmakers, journalists, and photographers spend most of their time at the Roy H. Park School of Communications housed in Park Hall. This high-tech facility supports television and radio broadcasting as well as photography, presentation, cinema, film, and multimedia development.

5. Smiddy Hall

Smiddy Hall

Featuring four floors of modern teaching, computing, meeting, and office space,  Smiddy Hall houses several departments in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, as well as the writing department, and the college’s writing center.

6. Friends Hall

Friends Hall

On any given weekday,  you’ll find Friends Hall bustling with classes ranging from foreign languages to philosophy. Computer labs on the main floor of Friends are also busy 24-7, especially during midterms and finals week.

7. Job Hall

Job Hall

Got computer troubles? In Job Hall you’ll find both student and professional staff offering help desk services, user and classroom support,  software and hardware workshops, digital media production assistance, and other technology-related services.

8. Gannett Center

Gannett Center ithaca college

The Gannett Center is home to the college’s library with its wide-ranging collection of books, journals, music, and multimedia resources. Gannett also houses the Handwerker Gallery,  the Center for Faculty Excellence, and the Anthropology and Art History Departments.

9. Textor Hall

Textor Hall

“Disc,” otherwise known as the Textor Ball, adorns the roof of this building that’s also famous for its stellar view of Cayuga Lake. Enhanced classrooms can be found below, along with lecture halls featuring high-tech multimedia for learning by day and entertainment by night.

10. Campus Center

Campus Center

Need an ATM? Desperate for a coffee? Looking for a comfortable place to study, meet, or hold an event? All of these can be found at the Campus Center, a contemporary, attractive, and spacious location for social and recreational activities, cultural and educational programs, and essential services for the Ithaca College community.


Interesting facts about Ithaca College

1. Ithaca College has been ranked among the Top 10 masters universities in the “Regional Universities North” category by U.S. News & World Report, every year since 1996, and was ranked 6th in 2016.

the arts

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Ithaca College is also consistently named among the best colleges in the nation by Princeton Review, with the 2018 guide ranking the college #3 for theater, #3 for newspaper, and #6 for Radio, and is among the top schools producing Fulbright scholarship recipients.

2. Ithaca College was founded as the Ithaca Conservatory of Music in 1892.

Ithaca Conservatory of Music

It was founded when a local violin teacher, William Grant Egbert, rented four rooms and arranged for the instruction of eight students, and it has since flourished.

3. Besides its Ithaca campus, Ithaca College has also operated satellite campuses in other cities.

Ithaca College

The Ithaca College London Center has been in existence since 1972. Ithaca runs the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program at the James B. Pendleton Center. Additionally, there is an Ithaca College Washington Semester Program, and a recently launched Ithaca College New York City Center.

4. Buzzsaw Magazine, formerly Buzzsaw Haircut, was founded in 1999 and is an independent monthly alternative magazine written, produced and distributed by Ithaca College students.

Buzzsaw Magazine

It is a progressive publication with a goal to “publish original creative journalism, commentary and satire that works to deconstruct society, pop culture, politics, college life and dominant Western beliefs.”

5. The Ithacan is Ithaca College’s official weekly newspaper that is written, edited and published by students.

the Ithacan

The Ithacan and its staff have won over 200 major collegiate journalism awards and is generally recognized as one of the top student-run newspapers in the country.

6. Ithaca College Television (ICTV) is the world’s oldest student-operated college television channel.

Ithaca College Television

Broadcasting since 1958, ICTV is available to 26,000 cable households. The show also received ICTV’s first College Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

7. Park Productions is a professional production unit within the Roy H. Park School of Communications which allows students to collaborate with faculty and industry professionals to create interdisciplinary media projects.

Park Productions

Park Productions partners with community organizations, government agencies, and higher education institutions and has produced over 200 titles including documentaries, feature films, shorts, commercials, museum exhibits, television programs, educational, corporate, and web-based media.


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