10 VU Buildings You Need to Know About

Commerce library at Victoria University

Being on a new campus can be extremely confusing. Becoming familiar with campus ahead of time can be a crucial step to making your first day of school easy. Let this be your guide to helping you familiarize yourself with campus at Victoria University (also known as VU).

1. College of Engineering & Science

For all STEM majors, you will most likely be spending a lot of time in the College of Engineering & Science. Here they have many different classrooms to allow different topics to be studied. From large lecture halls to laboratories, it is made for all STEM topics.

This is a laboratory.

2. Health and Fitness Centre

The Health and Fitness Centre is the main hub for physical activities at VU. Here they have a variety of different sections for working out and playing different sports. They also have resources for students to use for a healthy lifestyle.

These are free weights.

3. Werribee Children’s Centre

VU also has a children centre. The purpose of this center is for students and faculty to have a safe place to keep their children during school hours. For those with children, this is an important building to know.

This is a daycare.

4. VUHQ – Student Service Center

If you are looking for help on campus, the Student Service Center is the place for you. Here they have a variety of different faculty offices to help you with your every need. Come for a walk-in or make an appointment today.

This building says student service centre.

5. Werribee’s VU Food Worx Cafe

If you are looking for a great place to eat on campus, try the Werribee’s VU Food Worx Cafe. This is the hot spot on campus. You can come to eat, hangout with friends or get some studying done.

This is a cafe.

6. Osteopathy Clinic

The Osteopathy Clinic is a very unique building at VU. Here they study the medical disorders through manipulation. Many students come to internship here over the summer.

This is a man studying the spine.

7. Security Operations Centre

For all security needs on campus at VU, this is the place for you to go. All head of security and officers spend their time here when not on duty. This is a great place to go in case of an emergency.

This is a security guard.

8. Ace Parking

If you are a commuter, ACE Parking will be the parking garage for you. Here they have a multi-level car garage for students. If you are in a rush, come here to find some guaranteed parking.

This is a parking garage.

9. Sunshine

Sunshine is another student center on campus. However this student center specifically was created for social purposes. Come here to meet with a group and study or just to spend time between classes.

These are students hanging out

10. Footscray Park Library

The library is one of the most important buildings every students needs to know about. At VU they have the Footscray Park Library for their students. They have open study spaces, study rooms and tons of other student resources.

This is a library.

Facts You Need to Know About VU

1. They hold high rankings.

VU is well-known worldwide. In fact they rank in the top 2% of universities worldwide. Come for name but stay for the quality education.

This is a globe.

2. They love international students.

VU loves taking in many different international students. In fact, VU is known for being Australia’s most culturally and socially diverse institution. They both accept international students and offer different abroad programs for their current students.

These are different landmarks in the world.

3. They offer flexible approaches to education.

VU loves to change the normal standards of education. They are constantly listening to their students to change how they teach according to student standards. This is one of the reasons they are in the top 2% of universities.

This is a teacher talking to students.

4. They have an amazing cultural center.

They love international students and they have a cultural center that reflects that. In the cultural center, students of 130 different cultures come to hangout. There are over 150 languages spoken at the cultural center.

These are students hanging out.

5. Library is open 24 hours on weekdays.

The library is one of the most important buildings on campus. For students at VU, they leave this resource open to students 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Don’t be afraid to spend your all-night here studying for that exam.

This is a library.

Get familiar with your school today. It will make your first day of school a whole load easier. Let this be your guide to familiarizing yourself with VU today.

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