10 Quinnipiac Buildings You Need to Know

This is Quinnipiac's campus building

Founded in 1929, Quinnipiac University is a private, nonsectarian university located in Hamden, Connecticut. There are currently more than 9,000 students attending the university, most of whom are enrolled as undergraduates—the school does offer postgraduate programs though!

If you’ve been looking for information about residence halls or academic buildings on Quinnipiac’s campus, below are 10 university building descriptions as well as seven general facts about Quinnipiac.

1) School of Law Center

This is the School of Law Center

All you aspiring lawyers will have a great time studying and taking classes in this state-of-the-art learning facility. And to make things even better, this building is one of the most eco-friendly on campus.

2) The Center for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences

This is the Center for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences

Another state-of-the-art facility, this one is where nursing undergraduates will be spending about 70 percent of their time. If you want to grab a bite to eat, you can do so in the building’s cafeteria; it’s nice!

3) The Rocky Top Student Center

This is The Rocky Top Student Center

If you’re looking for a place to chill and hangout with friends, then this is the place you should be meeting up at. And as far as food and beverages are concerned, there are multiple places within the building that’ll accommodate you.

4) Arnold Bernhard Library

This is the Arnold Bernhard Library

This is a great building to study in; it’s also one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. If you’re looking for a place to go on a busy Sunday night, then Bernhard is where you want to be.

5) Carl Hansen Student Center

This is the Carl Hansen Student Center

Another student center, this one has similar amenities to the one listed above. This facility has a fitness center in it though, making it one of the campus’s most consistently populated buildings.

6) Buckman Theater

Students outside the Buckman Theatre

Those of you in the performing arts will spend a lot of time here, but that’s something you’ll come to enjoy once you realize how amazing this building is. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a star, you’re going to feel like one performing at Buckman.

7) The People’s United Center

This is the People's United Center

Catch a game at this state-of-the-art sporting facility. It’s great to go to a school that has a building like this—especially since they’re so expensive. You should attend at least once or twice throughout the semester.

8) Village IV Residence Halls

This is an image of the Village Residence Hall

If you’re interested in living on campus, this is one of the nicest places to live. Although mostly upperclassmen live here, you’ll see that some underclassmen can be found here as well.

9) Commons Residence Hall

This is the outside of the Commons

Upperclassmen will most likely occupy the spaces in this area, however you will see a freshman or two walking around too. Brick, modern, and the envy of nearly everyone who doesn’t live here; these are the Commons.

10) Dormitory Village

An exterior view of Dormitory Village

Most of the students who live in this area are underclassmen, however there are some upperclassmen who may be scattered throughout. Don’t think of throwing parties in here; you’ll get shut down so fast.

Interesting facts about Quinnipiac

1) Good Graduation Rate

Graduates tossing their caps

Students want to study at an institution where they know the education is excellent. At Quinnipiac, the student graduation rate is over 75 percent, which is indicative of the fact that the majority of students here love it!

2) Beautiful Campus

This is Quinnipiac's campus

Who wants to be stuck on a lifeless campus that looks like something out of the Eastern Bloc? Nobody, that’s who! At Quinnipiac, the campus is a thriving hub, therefore you’ll be able to feel the energy the second you become immersed in it.

3) Competitive Programs

 An image of businesspeople competing

If you’re looking to study at a school where the academic reputation is good, then Quinnipiac is for you! Every class you’ll take will expand your knowledge and worldly perspective—what more could you want out of college?

4) Suburban Setting

An image of a suburban neighborhood

For students who enjoy the quietness of suburban living, you’ll find that here! Suburban living is great for college, especially since it usually coincides with more freedom.

5) On-campus Living

Residents doing things together on campus

Over 95 percent of the students who attend this university live on campus, which means campus life is thriving. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to attend and live on campus.

6) Doctoral Studies

An image of doctoral recipients

If you’re looking to start here for undergrad and finish in postgrad, you’ll have a great time doing so! Doctoral studies are second to none at Quinnipiac, therefore you’ll know you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

7) Great Faculty

An image from a faculty meeting

A school’s faculty is arguably its most important facet. At Quinnipiac, students can expect to work with professors who are committed, knowledgable, and willing to help you succeed!

Since you’ve finished this list, you should now have more information about Quinnipiac than you did before. If you’re reading this list because you’re contemplating where you’d like to attend undergraduate school, hopefully it gave you insight into the campus life elements and the historical background of the university—two important facets you should consider when you’re selecting where you want to go to school.

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