10 Buildings You Need to Know at UNH

An aerial view of UNH

The University of New Hampshire is a public research university in the University System of New Hampshire, in the United States. Their mascot is the wildcat. Here are 10 buildings you need to visit. You might find the mascot in one of them.

1. Dairy Bar

This used to be an old train station. Now it offers tasty treats like ice cream. They do try to be sustainable by using compostable cups and cutlery.

Dairy Bar and railroad station, taken by Clement Moran ca. 1917.

2. Holloway Commons

This is the largest dining hall on campus. It gives students a great option to eat on campus. The location has food stations that are prepared for you right in front of your eyes, such as stir fry and brick oven pizza.

 holloway commons

3. Stillings Hall

This is a favorite eating place for students. It allows students to customize their food likings. They have Rotisserie, Grill, Daily Specialty Bars and a Spaghetti Bar that is available on Sunday nights.

Exterior of Stillings

4. The Commons

This was the first dining hall to be made. It used to house many different floors for eating as it was the only place to eat. Now it has been replaced and is used mostly for function space.

Commons interior, main dining hall at mealtime, 1922.

5. Field House

The field house is the main place to view games. It holds areas for ticketing and for bag check. It also holds bathrooms and concession stands.

Rear of Field House with bleachers full of people.

6. Snively Arena and Hamel Recreation Center

This is the main area for those who want to get fit. There is a pool that is loved by many. It keeps you cool and gives a great full body workout.

Snively Arena with outdoor pool in the foreground, ca. 1965.

7. Whittemore Center

This center is the place to go for playing indoor sports. It features plenty of options to join in on and get a good workout. Some examples of sports are: track, basketball, and hockey .

The Whittemore Center across Memorial Field, July 2016.

8. Elliot Alumni Center

The alumni center is where to go when you have questions about being a alumni. Going to the school for that long you have access to many too. You also have access to fun events for alumni.

Elliott Alumni Center entrance with flags in the foreground, ca. 1970s.

9. Health Services Center

This center is there to help you. If you aren’t feeling good don’t be afraid to come on in for a checkup. They also do plenty of other works such as dieting and exercise tips.

Entrance to Health Services Building with Stoke Hall visible in the background.

10. President’s House

This house is meant for the president to live in. It is meant as a way for the president to always be around when need be. It originally only cost $5,500 to buy the building in 1905.

President's house_UNH

Interesting Facts about The University of New Hampshire

1. Conference

Every year there is one particular conference that garners attention. This conference is the undergraduate research conference. It is unlike any of its kind because it has the highest attendance at the University of New Hampshire(over 1,800 students).

 undergraduate research conference university of new hampshire

2. Law

This school is known for being a top law school to attend. It is ranked as one of the top law schools in the country with 99 other schools. It ranks top 10 for intellectual law.

 law makers

3. First

The university is the first of its kind to use landfill gas as most of its energy. It uses energy in a more sustainable way. The way it works is that it purifies methane from a dumpster.

 garbage bags

4. White House

The school was granted access from the White House to implement a strategy for research on harassment on campus. It will utilize a training program. Then it will look at the results post training.

 white house

5. Rachel Uchitel

She is a famous promoter. She went to the college to go for a degree in psychology. She is best known for being on Celeb Rehab with Dr.Drew.

Rachel Uchitel Picture

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