10 Buildings You Need to Know at Western University

Image of a campus building at Western

The University of Western Ontario, is a public research university in London, Ontario, Canada. Their mascot is JW the Mustang. Their cost of undergrad is about $7,500 CAD. Here are 10 buildings you need to visit at Western University.

1. Ausable Hall Residence

This resident living quarters is similar to an apartment style. You are given two bedrooms. You have access to a kitchen,storage space and even a balcony.

 Ausable Hall Residence

2. Bayfield Hall Residence

The Bayfield hall is an apartment style. It holds two bedrooms and a kitchen. This does have storage space and a balcony view.

 Bayfield Hall Residence

3. Lambton Hall Residence

Lambton hall is also an apartment style. The room has two bedrooms and a kitchen. There is a storage area but no balcony view.

 Lambton Hall Residence

4. Allyn & Betty Taylor Library

This is the second largest library on campus. It is a large space that allows students to get quiet time to study. It also gives students chances to do assignments on the provided computers(in case you didn’t want to use your own).

 Allyn & Betty Taylor Library

5. Alumni House Residence

This is meant to be a temporary stay. It is meant for those Alumni who are commuting for an event from far away. It is a great building that needs to be kept up almost constantly.

 Alumni House Residence

6. Alumni Hall

The Alumni hall is where those who have graduated come for largescale Alumni events. It is important to note that this building holds historical significance. It contains memories over the years and will hold future generations as well.

 alumni hall western university

7. Western Student Recreation Center

The recreation center is where you would go to get fit. There are weight rooms and gyms for practicing. The center also holds many helpful events around health.

 Western Student Recreation Center canada

8. 3M Centre

The 3M centre holds an array of classrooms. The classrooms have projectors and plenty of seating. The classrooms are built lecture style.

3m centre

9.Thompson Engineering Building

This houses a majority of the classes you will need in engineering. It is all in one place. Which makes the building compact and easy to get to.

 Thompson Engineering Building

10. The Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine

This centre is where you would go if you had any health problem. It is easily accessible on campus. Their vision is to create a life long legacy of health innovation.

ribbon cutting

Interesting Facts about Western University

1. Land

The land is fairly large. It holds 480.4 hectares. That is equivalent to the size of about 960 football stadiums.

 hectares to acres

2. Programs

The school is diverse in what people study. But there are a few that hold a majority of the students. Popular majors are:Science, Social Science, Medicine, and health science.

studying medicine

 3. Faculty

There is a mix of tenor, probationary, and limited term staff. The limited term staff are people who are contracted to teach for a certain amount of time. All together the staff make up 1,405 people.

 teachers gathered

4. Alumni

Not only is there a significant amount of Alumni, but many of them are Canadian. There is about 318,371 as of 2017-2018. But 217,865 are from Ontario!

 alumni students

5. Full time enrollment

As of 2017-2018 the undergrad enrollment has been about 24,000. The Masters program holds about 3,700. Finally the PhD’s hold about 2,000 students.

 full time