10 of the Coolest Clubs at Purdue University

The Purdue Arch at the front of the school

Purdue University is a research school that is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. The school is decently large, with about 30,000 students. It is worth applying to as the acceptance rate is almost 60%. Fun fact the nickname given to students and alumni of the college is Boilmakers. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs at Purdue. Keep on BOILING.

1. Spoon University

Spoon University is an online publication that is written by students for students. This is made for students that are looking for health tips and everything food such as restaurants and places to eat on campus.

spoon university logo

2. Her Campus

Her Campus is an online publication written by women for women. It talks about advice on boys, different places to visit on campus as well as study tips. This is a great site to visit for all things girl as well as they are taking applicants for writers and editors.

logo for her campus

3. A Cause for Paws

This group strives to save all animals. This group specifically fundraises for the saving of animals and tries to end shelters from killing. They try to motivate shelters to be a no kill shelter.

logo for cause for paws

4. Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training club celebrates those going into the athletic training field. They do fun networking days as well as join together for charitable events and service. This is a great tool for meeting like minded individuals.

athletic training club

5. Boiler Volunteer Network Student Leadership Team

The group gathers to be not only leaders but partake in a variety of different charitable acts. They do weekly meetings and sometimes will volunteer for building houses, fundraising, or even packing up food for homeless.

picking up trash

6. Caduceus Club (Pre-medical group)

The pre-medical group teaches you the ins and outs of the medical field. They are a resource that gives you access to hearing guest speakers, yearly medical outreach trips, hands on experience through different medical labs. This is mainly for students interested in the health field.

Mission trip to Puerto Peñasco

7. Global Medical Brigades

Global Medical Brigades is an international club that provides medical assistance to developing countries. People go on mission trips to be a beacon of hope and give to those in need.

global medical brigades

8. Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Club

The occupational therapy club helps students prepare for the application process for grad school. It helps you at every step of the process. From doing the physical application to how to speak to admissions on what the best route to go for classes is.

sports injury

9. Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club gives students access to a variety of different opportunities. You get a chance to learn the application process of getting into dental school. As well as volunteer opportunities and talking directly with dental professionals.

pre dental society

10. Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society meets up to talk about all things law. They get you ready for law school as well as give you access to guest speakers, law school admission officers and even application workshops.

prelaw society


Top Events During the Year at Purdue University

1. Picnic with the Purduettes

This event showcases the first performance that the Purduettes(a women of singers) put on for students and alumni. Grab your blankets and towels and come with a basket of snacks to enjoy a FREE picnic with live music. The performance will be at Slayter Hill.

the purduettes

2. Boilermaker Crossing Fan Fest

Great event to make new friends or enjoy your old ones. There will be plenty of fun activities and it is located at Sally & Bob Weist Plaza between Mackey Arena and Holloway Gymnasium. There will be a beer garden, live music, giveaways, and plenty of food.

fan fest

3. Engineer’s Week

This is a week long event that is specifically made for engineering students. Some of the events include: tech showcases, food trucks, races, and trivia. If you are in engineering and need a good time to unwind check out the fun things happening at Engineer’s Week!

college of engineering

4. Dawn or Doom

This explores the idea of what are the good and bad things about emerging artificial intelligence. It makes for a multi day event that is free for all. There will be guest speakers and chances to ask any questions.

artificial intelligence

5. Thrill on the Hill

This is the time when the Purdue marching band performs their first set. This is the pregame performance. Come on by to support the band and enjoy a relaxing free performance.

thrill on the hill

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