5 VCU Buildings You Need to Know

An aerial view of VCU

College campuses can often be large and intimidating. Many of the buildings are vital to know for general lecture classes or labs or just a good spot to catch some scenery on a busy day. Below are 5 VCU Buildings you need to know.

1. Pollak Building

This is a picture of the variety of plants on the Pollak Building terrace.

The Pollak Building is a visual arts building at VCU that serves as a space for classes for many art students. One of the best features is the outdoor element of this building. The fifth floor has a walkout terrace that has a variety of plants and a great view of the Richmond landscape.

2. James Branch Cabell Library

James Cabell Library at dusk.

This library is located in the center of VCU’s Monroe Campus is visited by more than 2 million visitors each year, most of whom are undergraduates. The library was renovated in 2015 to accommodate to a larger student base. It is a common location for undergraduate students to meet for clubs, group projects, or personal studying.

3. VCU Wellness Resource Center

This is the pink and blue building that houses the Wellness Resource Center.

The Wellness Center provides students with a variety of resources to create a healthy student campus environment.  They provide information about healthy relationships, sexuality, mindfulness and nutrition. They hold programs such as meditation on certain days of the week and also have resources such as a confidential advocate to manage anxiety and stress.

4. University Student Commons

This image is of the Ram horns located outside of Student Commons.

The University Student Commons could be called the powerhouse of undergraduate life. It is the center of where the SOVO fair is held at the beginning of each semester, as well as the location where many clubs/ organizations meet weekly. There are frequently events going on either inside the building or right outside of the Commons.

5. VCU Campus Learning Center

This is a picture of the outside of the Campus Learning Center which is located next to Hibbs Hall.

The VCU Campus Learning Center is a great student resource located near Hibbs Hall and James Cabell Library. They provide free group/ individual tutoring for a variety of classes where personal attention is prioritized. If you find yourself struggling in any of your classes, this is a helpful tool at your disposal.

Interesting facts about VCU

1. VCU Health ranked in Top Hospitals in Virginia

This is a picture that shows the outside of VCU's medical center.

In U.S. News and World Report in 2017-2018, VCU Health was ranked number 2 in top hospitals in Virginia. VCU is home to one of the largest health centers in the U.S.  VCU Medical Center is also reverified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I trauma center.

2. VCU has one of the largest universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia

This image shows an overhead view of VCU's campus.

VCU has a student enrollment of 32,000 students which encompasses both undergraduate and graduate students.

3. More than half of VCU alumni live in Virginia

This is a picture of the state sign you see when entering Virginia.

Out of VCU’s 188,745 living alumni, more than 65% of them are living in Virginia.

4. VCU houses one of the finest surviving Egyptian Revival buildings

This is a picture of the historic Egyptian Building on MCV's campus

The Egyptian building on the MCV campus was built in 1845 and was previously the medical department of Hampden- Sydney College. The building is covered in glyphs, symbols and quotes and has continued to be used by VCU School of Medicine to this day.

5. VCU houses a NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball team

This is a picture of VCU's NCAA Division I Men's Basketball team.

The VCU Men’s basketball team has been to the NCAA ten times and has even beat the first round with Duke in 2007.

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