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If you’ve ever taken a college course you’ll know that your professor can make or break your class experience. You might not learn anything from a professor who’s too easy and nice, but will be stressed out and frustrated if you get stuck with a professor who’s too difficult. Below are the top 10 professors at the University of Colorado, Boulder who will teach you what you want to know, help you get a good grade, and make sure you have fun while in their class.

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1. Christopher Ostro

Christopher Ostro.

Rating: 100%
Department: Writing and Rhetoric

Courses Taught:

WRTG 1150 – Learn More
WRTG 3020 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Chris is a great teacher who actually cares about his students. I suck at writing but he made the class passable through lots of personal help. He is a highschool teacher during the day and it shows. He cares about helping his students.”

“Chris is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He genuinely cares about his students and can answer almost any question you have. This guy is like a walking encyclopedia. Funny and down to earth.”

“He makes class interesting but actually cares about your grade so he keeps things relevant. He encourages people to participate but isn’t pushy if you’re shy/quiet like I am. Would 100% take one of his courses again.”

2. Awon Atuire

Awon Atuire.

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught: 

ETHN 1022 – Learn More
ETHN 2232 – Learn More
ENGL 1191 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“The most inspirational and best professor at CU. He is so easy to talk to and understand and will always put his students first.”

“Awon Atuire is a very dedicated professor. It is obvious how seriously he takes his job and his students. He adds a lot of emotion to each lecture he gives. It draws you in and makes you care. Everyone’s opinions matter to him, even if he disagrees with them. One of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met.”

“Awon is the best professor in CU Boulder. Not only is he so nice and helpful but he makes class really fun. It’s an easy A if you go to class, read the book and ask questions. Take his class, I highly recommend it.”

3. Brett King 

Brett King.

Rating: 93%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSYC 2606 – Learn More
PSYC 3030 – Learn 
PSYC 1001 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Dr. King’s class has been my favorite so far!!! Even days when I was feeling sick or didn’t plan on going to class, I went to his because I always left feeling better. I guarantee you will laugh EVERY lecture and the hour will seem like a solid 15 minutes. He loves what he does and comes to class every day with a smile on his face. Great guy!”

“Dr King is the best professor I’ve ever had. He makes lectures so fun, I’ve met several students that aren’t even enrolled in our class but show up just because he makes class so fun and interesting.”

“He likes to tell stories but his lectures and tests are very straight forward. He really cares about his students. Definitely my favorite professor at CU. If you have the chance to take his class, do it.”

4. Susan Hendrickson

Susan Hendrickson.

Rating: 83%
Department: Chemistry

Courses Taught:

CHEM 1133 – Learn More
CHEM 1033 – Learn More
CHEM 1130 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Very good at lecturing, writes extremely clear notes on projector, helpful when asked questions, puts on help sessions frequently. Definitely one of my best professors so far.”

“Amazingly helpful and very clear during lecture. One of the nicest and best professors at CU.”

“Hands down the best professor I have ever had. She makes learning chemistry understandable and easy to swallow. Very caring and wants all of her students to succeed. Her lectures are clear and concise, and makes sure you have all of the necessary tools to do well in the class! The content is definitely hard, but it’s best to learn it from her.”

5. Teresa Foley

Teresa Foley.

Rating: 100%
Department: Physiology

Courses Taught:

IPHY 4600 – Learn More
IPHY 3435 – Learn More
IPHY 4650 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“She is one of the best professors at CU. She takes the time to make sure her students understand the material and is super helpful during office hours. She is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge minus all the jargon and confusing language.”

“Best professor I’ve had in my entire college career. Love what she does and loves teaching it.”

“Dr. Foley really makes an effort to make sure you understand all of the content. She is completely available through email and in person. She’s also very funny and cleverly finds ways to teach.”

6. Michael Dubson

Mike Dubson.

Rating: 89%
Department: Physics

Courses Taught:

PHYS 1010 – Learn More
PHYS 1110 – Learn More
PHYS 1120 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Great instructor. Clear, detailed,and interesting. Funny and lots of amusing anecdotes”

“By far one of the most inspirational teachers I have had, Professor Dubson gives clear, engaging lectures that makes you enjoy the material.”

“Best professor I have ever had. I went to him after almost every lecture, and he spent ample amount of time with me to ensure I understood everything. He told me he wished more students went to him for help. Very personable, and knows A LOT. I highly recommend him to everyone!”

7. Joseph Berta

Joe Berta.

Rating: 96%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSYC 2145 – Learn More
PSYC 2012 – Learn More
PSYC 1001 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Berta is the nicest professor I have ever had. He truly cares about his students. He makes the material easy and interested. Guaranteed A. Great professor.”

“Berta is a great guy who genuinely cares about his students. He makes lectures very entertaining and gets somewhat off topic but always ties it back to psych. Attendance is not mandatory but I still went just because he’d tell some great stories. Easy A, he rounds grades up. Would definitely recommend.”

“He is one of the coolest teachers I know! Class is really not mandatory but if you do go to class, you will have a great time. Although his lectures can be sometimes a tad boring, his stories that he tells the class are really funny!”

8. Michele Simpson

Rating: 100%
Department: Women’s Studies

Courses Taught:

WMST 2200 – Learn More
FARR 2660 – Learn More
WMST 2050 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Michele is an amazing professor and person. 10/10 would recommend any course she teaches.”

“Great professor. She’s kind, caring, and is amazing in her course of work. She is incredible intelligent and knows so much about her line of work.”

“Michele is by far my favorite teacher. She is such a sweetheart and I actually enjoy going to her class. She is very knowledgeable and has a background in law which is helpful. I would take her for every class if I could. She doesn’t believe in finals too!!”

9. Heather Adams

Heather Adams.

Rating: 100%
Department: Business

Courses Taught:

MGMT 4310 – Learn More
BUSM 3001 – Learn More
BUSM 2002 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Pretty chill professor for management. You have to go to class for clicker points but it’s fine. Encourages you to participate and think of examples yourself and to apply the material. Tests aren’t super hard, just study what she says about the slides.”

“The course is a lot of fun. Heather is a great professor and provides interesting and equally important material. I recommend taking any courses you can with Heather.”

“Heather is truly awesome. Broke everything down so it was digestible and relevant. Great class, great professor.”

10. Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols.

Rating: 100%
Department: Biology

Courses Taught:

EBIO 3700 – Learn More
EBIO 3170 – Learn More
EBIO 3175 – Learn More

Student Reviews

“Harvey is a great professor, and a super cool guy. He is there for the students, and he is an all around good guy, with a ton to offer students. He is always willing to talk to students, and he gives great advice. Best professor ever.”

“Harvey is awesome! He is really there to teach, and will put as much effort into helping you as you will into learning. He is flexible, fair, and isn’t afraid to add humor or friendly interaction in class. Good guy, highly recommend.”

“Harvey Nichols is a great professor. He does more than just lecture, he incorporates video, slides and occasionally brings in hands-on material. His grading is very fair and he managed to make me really interested in a topic that I didn’t care much about before.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at CU

1. Research Project by Yuko Munakata

Yuko Munakata.

Faculty: Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder

Munakata works with the Cognitive Development Center in Boulder to understand thinking and how it changes with development. She works with infants, children, and adolescents to see how language, memory, and other cognitive skills develop. Her goal is to apply her knowledge on how children’s brains develop to how people think as adults.

2. Research Project by Prof. Julie Lundquist

Julie Lundquist

Faculty: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at CU Boulder

Lundquist’s research focuses on how to lower energy costs for consumers. She primarily looks at how to create more reliable and efficient energy with wind turbines. She hopes her research will set up wind farms to be more successful while ensuring that renewable energy is affordable for consumers.

3. Research Project by Tin Tin Su

Tin Tin Su.

Faculty: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at CU Boulder

Tin Tin Su works with fruit flies to research how to keep cancer cells from regrowing. She also develops cancer therapeutics, treatment, and standards therapies for cancer patients. Su is hoping her research will contribute to the fight against cancer.

4. Research Project by Daniel Scheeres

Daniel Scheeres.

Faculty: Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder

Scheeres focuses on the motion of bodies in environments that are near asteroids and comets. He is also the leader of one of NASA’s space missions that will collect samples from asteroids and bring them to earth. Scheeres is extremely interested in space, and works closely with many aerospace organizations in his research.

5. Research Project by Doug Seals

Doug Seals.

Faculty: Integrative Physiology at CU Boulder

Seals researches how to extend the period of a healthy life through studying lifestyle and pharmacological strategies. He also researches how to slow down and prevent cardiovascular disease. Seals are interested in maintaining and prolonging wellbeing, and his research focuses on that.

College professors have a lot of influence on how you perform in a class, how much you enjoy it, and if you’ll recommend it to your friends. Getting stuck with a professor who doesn’t care, is too difficult, or doesn’t teach important material can put a massive weight on you throughout your semester. Above are the top 10 professors at CU Boulder that want you to succeed and will help you in their class.

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