10 of the Easiest Courses at Western New Mexico University

Aerial view of Western New Mexico University

Located in the Silver City, the Western New Mexico University is a fantastic undergraduate and graduate university with over 70 fields of study to choose from, ranging from accounting to botany. While the academics are great, the campus is also  spread across 83 acres on a hill and surrounded by mountains, sunny skies and awesome views. Given that there is such a large amount of amenities surrounding the area, it is useful to know the easiest classes and have more leisure time.

1. COMM 110 – Public Speaking

Community 110 is a great course for students who are looking for an easy class while learning invaluable college skills. Study and practice of how to speak effectively, and with ease and confidence in a variety of public situations anywhere from university to the your future job. Additionally, the tests and assessments are mostly memorization based and little else.

Public speech

2. PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy 

This introduction to philosophy class is relatively straightforward class that fosters discussion of selected questions concerning the nature and grounds of knowledge, morality, and religion. While this class does have some writing to worry about, it also knocks one writing requirement out of the way!

Memes about philosopher Kant


3. WGS 201 – Intro to Women & Gender Studies 3

This course serves the best of both worlds as it is not only ranked one of the easiest courses at WNMU, but it is also great to expand your knowledge on new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and their intersections in political, economic and social life. Take this class and you will have more time for fun annual events like the Great Race!

Spectrum of Genders/Sexualitie

4. HIST 350 – History of America’s National Parks

Not only is this class one of the easiest in the college, it also very fascinating and local as it discusses the history of the National Park system from its founding through the present. This course will include the study of selected National Parks, Monuments, Seashores, and Historical Parks; administration and management of the system; and modern challenges to the Parks.


American National Parks

5. OLST 110 – Mountain Biking

This class is arguably one of the most enjoyable classes in the entire college. The course is designed to facilitate learning basic skills to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. Students will become proficient in singletrack techniques of up-hill climbing and downhill riding, developing awareness of minimum impact techniques, and an appreciation of cardiovascular fitness and health. Students can even rent mountain bikes if they do not own one.

A person mountain biking

6. AIS 212 – Introduction to American Indian Studies

In this class, you will focus differing theories of American Indian Studies future. These theories come in the form literature, art, and film, meaning you get to spend lots of time watching movies in class. While there is some reading required for this course, it is given at a slow and very do able pace. Take this class and have more time to explore the beautiful campus.

Meme of an American Indian

7. CJUS 111 Intro to Criminal Justice 

This intro to criminal justice class is a great intro and a great opportunity to meet renowned experts in domestic and international law, first-rate practitioners, and scholars who bring an interdisciplinary approach to the most pressing problems of the day. Additionally, the grading curve for this class is quite nice and will help boost that GPA up!

Meme about criminal justice majors

8. English 101: Composition & Rhetoric.

This first class in composition & rhetoric works through the critical engagement of a variety of texts, including written, oral, and visual, this course prepares students to become careful readers, critical thinkers, and skilled writers. The course requires 4,000 words of writing in no fewer than five writing projects, three of which are argumentative essays incorporating external sources. However, these projects have lots of completion points available to help boost your grade.

A picture about basic English

9. CJUS 103 Pre-Academy Fitness 

This criminal justice class is a great class to learn and practice many of the fitness requirements for police employment. In addition, it will be one of the easiest, more straightforward class you with take at Western New Mexico University. Less time to hit the books and more time to enjoy the New Mexico sun.

A meme about fitness and legs day.

10. ANTH 201 – Cultural Anthropology

This course is designed to be a gateway course in linguistic anthropology geared toward freshmen and sophomores. Language permeates our lives, identities and relationships, yet most of us take it for granted. This course introduces students to some of the foundational concepts, methods, and issues addressed in linguistic anthropology. It is a memorized only based class; perfect for boosting your GPA.

Classic picture of Human evolution

These 10 classes are sure to improve your life while boosting your GPA. Given how incredible the location of the university is, it only makes sense to choose some easy classes on the side. Put these one of these 10 classes in your schedule this upcoming registration period for an easy time!

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