10 of the Easiest Classes at NNMC

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When looking at taking classes that fulfill college requirements, it is always nice to find some easy ones. That way, it is less stressful and is a little GPA booster. Here are ten classes that students will find to be interesting and easy at Northern New Mexico College.

1. FDMA 140 – Digital Imaging I: Adobe Photoshop

First of all, who doesn’t have fun photoshopping? Especially if you can do it semi-professionally after taking this class? It is an introductory class, so it won’t be anything too challenging, just explains and teaches students how to use Adobe photoshop and how the tools work. This is a great skill to have in life and is cool and fun at the same time! It would definitely be a great class worth taking.

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2. MUS 131 – Introduction to Music

Here is an introductory class that will not be too challenging to take. Especially if you have some sort of music background from high school, this will not be too hard. But even if a student does not have any background, it won’t be bad at all because it is all just the basics. Notes, tones, rhythms, instruments and more. It will be an interesting class to learn about what all goes into making music.

A colorful music note.

3. PSY 210 – Theories of Personality

This course definitely will be an interesting one to take, which means it will be easier if it is something that isn’t going to be extremely boring. Personality is what makes up everyone. Psychology is an interesting topic, so a more focussed class on personality will be fun to take. It is the basis of all people. There are so many different personalities, good and bad, that this will be super cool to see maybe why things are the way they are and what in the brain causes that.

A picture representing personality in the brain.

4. CJ 320 – Theories of Crime

Crime is such an interesting topic, because it happens all the time in different ways and sometimes we never know why. This class is all about those theories about why crime may happen. This will be an interesting course to get an inside to what criminals may be thinking, why they do what they do and why they target certain things or areas. Because this is an interesting topic to study, it is definitely an easier class to take.

Yellow crime scene tape.

5. ENG 221 – Creative Writing

Writing is always a required class to take in college anyway, so why not take one where the student gets to be creative an decide what they want to write about. It allows students to have fun with their creative ideas and really do something different and unique. It is unlike other writing classes that just tell you what to write or research and write about. So this is definitely an easier writing class to take if needed.

A book with creative writing written above.

6. MATH 150 – College Algebra

Okay, so math may not be the most fun or easy class at all, but math is always a requirement. But if the student isn’t a math major or something that needs all sorts of math classes, College Algebra is the way to go. It is definitely the easier level that students most likely have high school background in. Knowing some of the content is always helpful, which makes the class more of a review, therefore, making it easier.

An algebra equation.

7. FYE 101 – Freshman Year Experience

This is definitely one of the easiest classes offered at this and any school. It is a course that just wants students to learn about themselves like their interests, personality and more. It teaches managing school and social life and how to balance everything new going on in life. It is just a good way to get used to college and help with the big transition from high school. This all makes it a super easy and semi-interesting course.

Funny freshman meme.

8. SPCH 130 – Public Speaking

This is another introductory course that is not very hard at all. Especially if students like speaking or want to just improve in public speaking. This is a great opportunity to do that. Students choose what they want to say and how they want to say it based on what they are taught to focus on. Students will learn how to be better and more interesting, influential speakers which will definitely be a beneficial skill now and later in life.

A microphone in front of an audience.

9. PSY 150 – Personal Growth

Since Psychology is always a pretty interesting topic, when it focussed on the student, that makes it that much more interesting. It will actually be a beneficial thing to learn about that will be something to help the students in the future. Knowing how to help and let one’s self grow is something that it very important to know. It will help students understand how to overcome challenges that might be because of themselves.

Plants growing over time.

10. BIOL 499 – Animal Behavior

This is definitely not a course most people hear or talk about, which makes it seem pretty interesting. If a student loves animal or wants to know what their pet is thinking, this is the course for them. It takes care of a science requirement, so this is going to be an easier option for that. Since it is a fun class as well, that will make it an easier one that will be more enjoyable than other. And who doesn’t like animals?

Different wild animals.

Students are always looking for some easy classes to take in college. Everyone needs a relaxing-ish class that will be a GPA booster. So, here are ten easy classes offered at Northern New Mexico College. They are fun and interesting, which make them different from most classes and especially, easier.

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