10 of the Easiest Courses at APU

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Between clubs, organizations, friends and more, college can be a busy and stressful time in everyone’s life. What’s the best way to counteract this? Take some easy classes, where you’ll get the credits you need for less stress. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Azusa Pacific University.

1. CS 200 – Basic Software Tools

This course teaches students on the basics surrounding the uses of Microsoft Windows problem solving programs. The class takes students through all of the Microsoft Windows programs and covers all the applications of each as well as how to solve day-to-day issues with each of the programs, individually.

A charting program shown on a Mac Laptop.

2. PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology

This course is a introductory course to the interworking’s of human behavior. The class takes students on an in-depth journey to a number different psychological perspectives and how relationships with the brain connect with everything we do in every second of our lives.

A colorful outline of the human skull.

3. SOCW 310 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

A practical course for future endeavors, this class dives into the Psychology of how people act in group situations. There is a big focus on problem solving, people management, decision-making and conflict resolution. Not only is this an easy class to get through, but it is one that can benefit all students at Azusa for their future’s in any field.

A team of workers showing teamwork with a collective fist bump.

4. MATH 100 – Mathematics Seminar I

A math class based less on the numbers and more on critical thinking skills. This course is a mix of learning mathematical concepts and applying logic and critical thinking skills. The knowledge learned for this course is helpful for futures in computer science and information systems. This is definitely a course for those who consider themselves math-challenged but are successful in critical thinking courses.

The pages of a math book.

5. MGMT 210 –Principles of Management

This course gives students an in-depth learning experience about how business relates to the growth of social media, the interconnectedness of the internet, online buying, security and more. This course is for those who are looking to become business owners or in the realm of business and want to learn about all things digital communications in the 21st century.

A word cluster of business development.

6. CJ 110 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This class is a starter course for those interested in the field of criminal justice, but is also a fun class for anyone who is a fan of those crime shows on television like NCIS or Law & Order. The course gives an overview of the US criminal justice system and how laws, policies and sentences play a part in the system as a whole. This class also highlights the careers of various criminal justice officials.

The outside of a historic courthouse.

7. HIST 121 – World Civilizations since 1648

This is a course where students learn how the globe has transformed from mid-1600 civilizations to present day. Students immerse themselves in world cultural including the formation of national identities, race, ethnicity, capitalism, industrialism and more. This class also shows students historical trends throughout history proving the old and cliché saying “history repeats itself”.

A globe showing American terrain.

8. UNRS 120 –Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

Something practical in a college class you say? Why yes! This course helps with a little something we all could improve on, eating healthy. The class dives into how certain diets and food effect your wellness and health risks as well as cover hot topics like obesity in America and malnutrition to the elderly. This course gives students an abundance of information that can lead to a healthier lifestyle and a longer life.

A healthy green shake usually consisting of kale and other vegetables.

9. BIOL 250 – Human Anatomy

What’s better than learning about your body and breezing through a college course? This class allows you to do just that! The course is covers an array of topics about the body including how the cells functions to create tissues, how all the body systems work together with each other to keep the body going and more. The course can be taken in a laboratory setting or lecture setting, making this class great for either hands-on learning or a more book-oriented learning style.

A nurse taking a patient's blood pressure.

10. PHYC 140 – Introduction to Astronomy

This course provides students with the history of ancient and modern astrology including the creation of the solar system, galactic systems, stellar systems and more. Although there is a little bit of math involved in the course, it is mostly a history class on how the universe became what it is today.

An astroid belt in the galaxy.

All of these class are thought to be GPA boosters, but are also great courses where the skills students are learning can be carried into their real life careers. Choosing from these course though will definitely keep you sane as you try to milk the most out of your college experience while still getting a fine education in the process. Tell your friends about these courses too, no reason to not share the secrets!


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