10 of the Easiest Courses at UMass Dartmouth

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The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth  comprises courses that intersect in various disciplines and areas. Here is a list of some of the easiest courses at UMass Dartmouth that you can take as electives to boost that GPA!

1. CJS 190: Intro Crime & Justice System

Have you been into binge watching CSI Miami or Law and Order? This class is for you. It will introduce you to the basic history, structure, function, and problems associated with the criminal justice system. You will also get to look at interesting controversies to be able to think critically on justice . You will think about the question: What is a criminal?

picture of a Judge's gavel next to a book and handcuffs

2. EDU 510: Psychological & Social Foun Ed

In this course you will examine basic theories of learning and teaching and how to apply ideas practically. You will  develop understandings of the social, cultural, and political factors that influence learning. This course is important if you are interested in education.

a brain with gears rotating

3. ENL 101: Critical Writing & Reading I

Do you want to win all the debates and arguments in your dorm room? Think about taking this course. You will be introduced to different reading and writing strategies. Also, you will get to read college-level arguments from diverse popular, public, and academic genres. This will help you maintain intelligent conversations and write proficiently.

design of a female students reading her book with a clock in the background

4. HST 101: History of Western Civ I

If you’re interested in getting a general overview of history, take this class that will teach you about the growth of European civilization from ancient times to the end of the Middle Ages. You will learn about economic, social, political, and intellectual developments.

picture of a map of the world with a compass

5. LAR 201: Intro Studies Across Disciplines

If you sense that you might need to boost your writing skills, especially that no one can “perfect” writing, take this introductory course. You will understand writing, research and communications skills required in multidisciplinary studies. You will also  learn about the various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and develop critical understanding of research .

woman studying on her notes while holding a pen

6. MLS 105: Cont Top Human Ecology I

Are you interested in the medical field and how it intersects with our daily lives and society? This course will introduce you to medical-social problems as they relate to modern society. You will examine contemporary topics such as over-the-counter drugs, eugenics, factors affecting I.Q., basic human physiology, and the disease state.

picture of the earth made of grass

7. NUR 105: Human Nutrition

If you want to enhance your knowledge about dietetics, this course will help you get to know the  major nutrients and their role in human function. This course is a  foundation for understanding the relationship of nutrition to health, fitness, energy, and weight managemen. You will also get to analyze your own diary and learn data computer skills.

basket full of fruits and vegetables

8. PSC 101: Intro American Politics

Did you ever think of delving further into understanding House of Cards?Kevin Spacy is not the professor of this class, but you’ll get to understand the theory and practice of national government in Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court.

Kevin Spacy in white house office of "house of cards" near American flag

9. SOA 101: Introduction to Sociology

If you want to take an elective that will help you understand societies in general take this foundational course. In it, you will receive a survey of the fundamental principles of sociology and the basic factors conditioning social behavior.

cartoon of thinkers' heads as tree leaves connected together through the tree roots

10. SPA 101: Elementary Spanish I

Hablas Espanol? Are you thinking of a vacation on the Dominican Republic or in Puerto Rico? This course will teach you essentials of oral, reading and writing skills with intensive drilling on pronunciation, intonation and grammar.

street art where  "I speak spanish" is written in yellow on a red brick wall

UMass Dartmouth has a great selection of courses and many to choose from if you would like to widen your educational horizons. Those courses are a suggestion if you are looking for easy classes to fill your time wisely.

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