10 Easiest Classes at Pomona College

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It is important to know which classes you are taking are hard and easy so that you can allocate time to those classes appropriately. There are many classes to choose from at Pomona College. Keep reading to find out about the top ten easiest classes at Pomona College:

1. African Studies 10A: Introduction to Africana Studies

This class introduces the interdisciplinary exploration of key aspects of Black history. This includes culture and life in Africa and America. Students that take this course learn about the global Black experience as it is stated in literature and shown through art and social sciences. Students take this class in order to satisfy their general education requirements. They say that there is a midterm and a final. However, the study guide is almost identical to the exams themselves.An image of African Designs

2. Anthropology 002: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

This class covers the structure and dynamics of human culture and social institutions from a comparative perspective. Diversity in the ways of life and patterns of social organization are explored. Students also learn about ethnographic materials from societies around the world. Students usually take this class because there are three required essay papers that they have to write. There are no exams, such as midterm examinations or finals.The evolution of man

3. Art 108: Figurative Painting

This class is for students that want to explore the technical problems of painting the figure. It goes over how artists represent the body in the past and present works of art. There are formal problems and frameworks that are assigned throughout the semester through projects. Therefore, this class is mostly art projects. Students tend to take this class to satisfy general education requirements.girl painting on canvas in studio

4. Environmental Analysis 010: Intro to Environmental Analysis

This class is offered each semester at Pomona College. It looks at environmental change over periods of time and investigates the environmental ramifications of economic and technological decisions. There is one midterm and one final, but the study guide really helps students with these. Most of the time, students end up doing very well in the class.

A photo of an old map of the world

5. Linguistics 010: Introduction to Linguistics

Students investigate what exactly is language, and what do you know when you know a language. The different topics covered in this course are how sound is produced and how words are constructed from their component parts. Students like to take this class because it is very interesting and straight forward. Because of this, it is easy to understand so most students end up getting A’s in the class.

Speech bubbles with "hi" in different languages

6. Media Studies 076: Gender and Genre

Media Studies 076 investigates gender and how it is related to musical genre. This class does have exams and a term paper, but these are all straight forward. Students say that the study guides really helped them prepare for the exams. Additionally, the term paper wasn’t a very long paper. It was brief, so students say that definitely made the class a lot easier as well.A female student listening to music

7. Music 004: Materials of Music

Students learn elementary understanding of the materials of music. This includes harmony, melody, and rhythm. There are no exams in this class. There are many projects and papers that take place so that students know the historical and theoretical viewpoints of the factors that enter into the musical experience. Because of this, many students feel that this is an easy class.

A woman dancing to music

8. Art 109: Painting as Experiment

This is a class that investigates the central question of what it means to paint. It goes over experiments related to the process, materiality and meaning of contemporary and historical painting practices. Projects typically include using materials and performance to show the painting’s relationship to site. Students do not have a final exam or a midterm, so the fact that it is mainly just projects really makes it an easy class for students to take.An image of music

9. Environmental Analysis 1020: Nature, Culture, and Society

This class goes over case studies regarding nature and society. Students are able to analyze problems and dilemmas relating to key contemporary environmental issues. The different types of topics vary but draw on different types of sources in humanities and social science, such as history, philosophy, literature, religion, and art. There is a lot of group work involved in this class, so pretty much almost everyone gets an A as long as you are doing your part of the assignment or projects in the class.The marine environment

10. History 010: Ancient Mediterranean

This class goes over the political and cultural history of the Mediterranean world from 3000 B.C.E. to 400 C.E. Students will be expected to know about the earliest Ancient Near Eastern empires through the decline of the Roman Empire. This class requires a lot of memorization, but the dates and facts that students must know are said to be easy. Therefore, if you just memorize what you need to know for the exam, this will be a very easy class for you!Ancient Mediterranean artPomona College definitely has a long list of easy classes that students take to either bump up their GPA or increase the amount of units that they are taking. In addition, these classes are really helpful with getting pre-requisites out of the way. Make sure you sign up for a couple of these interesting yet easy classes! You will not regret it.

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