10 Easiest Classes at Creighton

Creighton University

If you want to find a way to have an easy college schedule and a higher GPA, look no further! By taking the easiest classes that you can, you will enjoy much more of your time on campus. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Creighton University!

1. THL 100- Christianity in Context

If you want to learn more about religions, you should consider taking Christianity in Context. You will learn about how Christianity plays a role in today’s society and how it is perceived in today’s time. This is an easy class because it is designed for students to study no matter what previous experience they have.

Jesus Christ on the cross


2. DAN 131- Jazz

A great way to stay fit on campus is by taking Jazz. This is an entry-level dance class that will focus on the main aspects of jazz dance. This is an easy class because students of any skill level can participate in this class with no problem.

A couple dancing on stage


3. ASN 300- Introduction to Asian Studies

Introduction to Asian Studies is a simple class that you can take to boost your knowledge about Asain culture. You will dive into the most basic aspects of the culture and life in Asia. You will learn a lot without being challenged much at all!

A globe depicting Asia-04


4. AMS 369- American Popular Music

An easy and interesting class you can take is American Popular Music. You will study trends in modern music and how it makes a cultural impact. Since you probably listen to some sort of modern music, this class will be a breeze for you!

Headphones around a play button


5. EXS 152- Intermediate Tennis

A great way to get an easy grade and stay in shape on campus is by taking Intermediate Tennis. You will learn the basic steps of playing tennis and how scoring works. Fortunately, this class is aimed to cater to players of all talents regardless of skill level.

A tennis ball by a court


6. PHL 420- Science and Religion

Science and Religion is a very interesting class that you can take. You will learn about how religion and science can coexist. This will give you another side of religious views. This is an easy class because it is designed for students of any faith or belief.

The Holy Bible


7. EVS 390- Environmental Science

A great way to get some more science credits under your belt is by taking Environmental Science. You will learn about all of the natural phenomena that happen in our world. Fortunately, this is all information that you have already learned in high school.

A tree steming from a book


8. CAN 630- Human Neuroanatomy

Human Neuroanatomy is a complex subject but is dumbed down a lot for this class. You will learn a lot about how the human brain functions and works correctly. You will be able to fly through this class stressfree.

A human brain made up of gears


9. ACC 201- Introduction to Financial Accounting

If you want to see if accounting is the right track for you, you should consider taking Introduction to Financial Accounting. This class will teach you about the very basics of this rather complex subject in a friendly and easy setting.

Accounting numbers and graphs


10. ORB 141- Physiology

Physiology is an introductory course that you can take to learn a little bit about this rather broad subject. Fortunately for you, this is a lectured course which means that there is not a lot of classwork required of you besides tests and quizzes.

Terms relating to physiology


By taking any of these classes at Creighton University, you will be able to have a higher GPA and a better time on campus!



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