10 of the Easiest Courses at CU Boulder

10 of the Easiest Courses at CU Boulder

Every student at the University of Colorado – Boulder is going to need to take some classes outside of their major to graduate. However, that doesn’t mean that every Buff has to take hard classes outside of their major. For students who are looking for a few more credits and a high GPA, check out these 10 super easy courses offered at CU Boulder.

1. AIRR 1010 – Foundations of the United States Air Force 1

Because the United States Air Force Academy is located right in Colorado, it makes sense to learn the basics about the Air Force. It also makes sense to take this course because of how easy it is, consisting of only a weekly one-hour lecture and two-hour lab. The principle teachings of this course are about the communication skills that an Air Force officer needs.

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2. APRD 1000 – Creative Industries

Not only is this class easy, but it’s interesting too. APRD 1000 looks at the effects that technology and commercial culture has on society, as well as the creative techniques that industries use in brand communication.

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3. ARSC 1080 – College Writing and Research

This is guaranteed to be the easiest college course you’ll take on writing and research. ARSC 1080 introduces the different genres of research, as well as offers a relaxed environment for students to practice their close reading and public speaking skills. This course is great preparation for harder, upper-division courses offered at CU.

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4. BCOR 1015 – The World of Business

While this course is strictly offered to students in the Leeds School of Business, BCOR 1015 is an easy course that every business student should take. Not only does the overview of global business prepare you for future courses in the Leeds School, but it is characterized by laid-back weekly discussions on current events.

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5. COMR 1000 – Communication and Community

This introductory course explores how creating and sharing meaning establishes a community. COMR 1000 analyzes communication skills at interpersonal, group, and societal levels, making this class a perfect fit for any student.

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6. CSCI 1000 – Computer Science as a Field of Work and Study

This course is solely offered to CU students who are both computer science majors and first-year students, meaning that this class is all about determining if computer science is the right major for you. Students will mainly learn different career opportunities within the field, and spend much of the class time hearing from CU CSCI alumni.

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7. CSVC 1000 – Work Internship

Want to earn credits without even taking a class? Through talking to the head of your major department, you may be able to earn a pass/fail credit with your work internship. The only requirement is that you must be in good academic standing.

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8. ENVS 1001 – Introduction to Developing Environmental Solutions

This course uses local case studies to explore different approaches and solutions to environmental issues, making issues more relatable to students. Not only that, but this course has a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of environmental studies.

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9. FILM 1502 – Introduction to Film Studies

Introduction to Film Studies is super easy, especially because you’re guaranteed to watch a ton of movies throughout the course. FILM 1502 looks at movies as technological, cultural, and artistic products, and how these products affect and reflect our society and culture. Depending on the teacher, you might even get to request movies to watch in class.

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10. SCAN 1202 – Tolkein’s Nordic Sources and the Lord of the Rings

This easy course is a must-take for all Lord of the Rings nerds. Combining J.R.R. Tolkein’s work with Nordic tradition and mythology, this course is a fun deeper analysis at the incredibly popular series.

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College is stressful enough as it is, so give yourself a break and take an easy course next semester. CU Boulder offers plenty of lower-division courses, and if none of the above pique your interest, you can discover more easy courses through the new CU Boulder beta class search.


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