Tips for PSY 1305 at Baylor University

PSY 1305 at Baylor University

Many say that one of the top five hardest classes to take at Baylor University is PSY 1305, and many can attest to this fact. It is a difficult class and the class average is usually a C, which no college student wants to hear. However, there are ways to combat this and to help get yourself to that B or A if you work hard and learn a few tips that may help you along the way. Here is a couple to keep in mind as you start your semester with 1305.

1. Attend the Class!

I know this seems like “duh!” but many students start out saying they will attend all their classes and somewhere throughout the semester that idea sort of comes to a halt. At Baylor, the Psych department does not exactly check for attendance. You have to sign in on a website on your phone and you don’t even have to be in the classroom to check in. This creates many students to not attend certain classes because they will still get credit and can sleep in or do something else. Even though you can get notes from someone else or just read the book, you should realize that this will not completely help you for the exams. The Psych department at Baylor has hard exams and a lot of the material is not on the powerpoints but in the lecture, what they say. And you will not get this information if you don’t attend classes so make sure you do it!Image result for psychology class

2. Go to SI

If you don’t know, Supplemental Instruction is a great program created at Baylor that is completely free to students. A student who has taken the course and received an A retakes the class and helps out students with material and what to expect for the tests. They have reviews and worksheets and definitely help in your journey through 1305. It is a great resource that you should take advantage of because this is definitely going to help when you enter for the test. The Psych exams are long and very situational and you need a clear understanding of all the material to understand what conditions are being displayed in examples. The Baylor Parent Fund helps support this free service to make sure you go to get help!Image result for student college teacher

3. Do the Extra Credit

There is usually one of two routes in a Baylor Psych class that you can take for extra credit. Your professor such as Riley or Weaver may offer extra credit by doing extra SONA experiences. The Psych department at Baylor is required to keep up on research and in order to make it less expensive, they have Baylor students volunteer to do it or have the incentive of extra credit to be a part of many experiences or research. SONA experiences are how they conduct their research and if you do some in person or online, and you don’t want to turn down the opportunity to get extra credit for this difficult of a class. Other professors such as Clarke offer extra credit through creating study guides before tests which give you more points and help you study.  You will regret it when you are late into the semester and are starting to panic because your grade is not at what you want it to be. Baylor professors are very understanding, so take the chance!Image result for psychology experiments

4. Go to Success Center

I know some people get weird about getting a tutor, but it is super recommended for this class! The Success Center at Baylor is a place where they have tutors for each subject waiting there to help you 8 hours a day 5 days a week and are just waiting for someone to come and ask them questions. You really should take advantage of the amazing opportunities and resources that Baylor offers you so that you can succeed in your classes. At the beginning of the semester, the Psych professors always make it a point to go to the Success Center and spend some time there a couple times a week going over material from class. This is really recommended and you should take advantage of these amazing programs so that you can get a good grade in Psych 1305!Image result for baylor success center

5. Do SONA Early

Although some SONA credits are a part of the extra credit, the Psych professors at Baylor usually require you to receive about 5 SONA hours to pass the course. These can be very annoying if you wait until the end of the semester to do them because lots of Baylor students wait and then it’s hard to get a good time for an experiment. You’ll probably get an 8 am time slot and no one wants that. Instead, if you do them early, you can get some really interesting experiments that Baylor Psych majors create such as the testosterone levels in your body dictating your personality or surveys on memory and technology. Make sure you do your SONA hours because if you don’t, you automatically do not pass the class and no one wants to retake that hard class again.Related imageThis has bee considered one of the hardest classes that people have to take at Baylor and so these tips can really help with your time in this class. Get all the help you can get because you want to do as well as you can with your time in college. Keep the GPA high and the stress low!

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