5 Off-Campus Restaurants to Try at ECU

If you attend ECU and are feeling a little lack-luster about the on-campus choices to choose from for a good meal or maybe a snack, there are awesome places to try off-campus! Some of these places are known for being amazing for the college students on campus, have amazing new things to try, and might even deliver to your dorm building! Try the following restaurants out for size next time you have a little cash to splurge!

1. Sup Dogs.

The number one restaurant any student will here about as a suggestion if they attend East Carolina University is without a doubt Sup Dogs. This food joint has some of the best hot-dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings, you name it off-campus! The food is satisfying and creative as they even have their very own fry sauce which is absolutely delicious. You can also even get bacon cheese fries on your burger! Sup Dogs is the best place to go on a weekend or before or after an ECU sports event! It’s also right downtown in walking distance of any dorm on campus!

2. Duck Donuts.

This donut shop in Greenville is without a doubt the best there is to offer. These donuts at Duck Donuts are not only the most delicious you will ever have, but also the most unique. At a college-student-level price of about one dollar per donut, you can get a bacon maple, blueberry waffle, or even key lime donut! You can also pick the kind of icing and toppings completely original to your own taste if you like. These donuts are no regular donuts, as they are also a unique, light, fluffy, and funnel cake-like consistency, and not a far drive from campus!

3. Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookie company is the holy grail of cookies when it comes to college students, or anyone. This cookie company not only has the absolute best cookies in the game, as they are extremely melty, gooey, and warm, but has also done what no other cookie company has, made them delivery. Not only does Insomnia deliver straight to you dorm, but does this until three in the morning, still warm and fresh! This cookie business is located right in downtown Greenville as well, so if you decide you’d like to get out of the dorm and avoid the delivery fee (even though it is considerably small) it is a simple walk. They offer the best classic cookies as well as new ideas such as confetti, double mint chocolate, and red velvet!

4. Chico’s.

Chico’s Mexican Restaurant in downtown Greenville may seem like an ordinary Mexican restaurant, but it is actually one of the best places to eat off campus. This Mexican restaurant is known for having some of the best salsa and quesadillas, but it is most known for serving the best fried ice cream there is to offer anywhere. The service and atmosphere at Chico’s is amazing as the decorations are fun and the service is amazing. If you are looking for some different as well as tasty cuisine this is absolutely a fantastic choice.

5. Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy Johns may not be somewhere you have not tried before, but it is definitely one of the best places to order from when attending ECU! Not only does Jimmy Johns have a great sandwich selection, but they also deliver right to any dorm on campus. This can save you time and energy when trying to decide what to eat, especially if you are on a tight schedule or don’t want to leave the building so that you can keep studying. It’s also a healthy alternative to ordering a pizza or giving into Chick-fil-A for the fourth time in one week!

Not only do these spots off-campus offer some of the most high-quality and most unique food items you could find, but they are also very affordable and convenient! Having the option of delivery while your in college is something that can make the difference when trying to finish a homework assignment, studying for a test, or writing the best essay you have ever written! Try these options to stay satisfied during your semester!

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