5 Fun Social Sciences Courses at Ball State

Another big chunk of the University Core Curriculum requirements are the social sciences courses that are offered at Ball State University. Since you have to complete a course on this subject, you may as well take one that peaks your interest. Here are five of the most fun and interesting social sciences classes that are offered at Ball State!

1. Micro Apps for Business

If you want to major in Accounting or anything business related, Micro Apps for Business is a great choice for you. This is because that one class can satisfy a couple different requirements for your major at once. ISOM 125 offers an array of different topics to give you as much information as possible in one semester. This is a great choice to earn three credit hours and to meet the social sciences requirement!


2. American National Government

Another fun class to take is American National Government. This class is all about American government and how it works. POLS 130 is a great class to introduce yourself to politics or gain some more knowledge in some areas where you already have previous experience. It is very good to know how our government runs no matter what your major is. If you take this class you may just fall in politics and American government!

American Government

3. Econ and Stats for the Media

On the flip side, Econ and Stats for the Media is geared for majors that are centered in Telecommunications and Journalism. This class will focus on the statistical side of the media industry which will give you a well-rounded view of how media works. ECON 247 is an excellent choice of classes because it offers some fun experiences that are associated with the class. You will be able to network with professionals in the industry while earning three credit hours!


4. Intercultural Communication

Learning about different cultures and how they operate can be a very fun endeavor. Intercultural Communication is a great class to do just that. COMM 290 is worth three credit hours and is a fun class that will teach you a lot about other cultures and their languages. You will learn all about how these cultures interact and the impact it has on the rest of the world.


5. Family and Society

SOC 224, also known as Family and Society, will give you some value that many other courses. You will learn all about family and family values that affect today’s society and society throughout history. This is a simple and fun class that can actually make you think and get a little philosophical in your means of thinking. Earn three credit hours by taking this fun class and learn a little more about families and their effect on society!


The classes that you pick while at school can make or break your college experience. At Ball State University, there are lists of classes that you will choose from in order to complete the University Core Curriculum requirements. Since Social Sciences is a broad area of study, be sure to keep these fun and interesting classes in mind when choosing one for your schedule!

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