5 Fine Arts Introductory Courses at Ball State

Whether you are a lover of the fine arts or not, you will have to complete at least one introductory fine arts course at Ball State University. As a part of the University Core Curriculum, the fine arts have a variety of classes to choose from. Here are five fine arts classes that are offered at an introductory level!


1. Introduction to Art

Introduction to Art, also known as AHS 100, is a class that you can take to understand the basic principles of art and its vast elements. This course is designed for people who do not have much knowledge about art and are eager to learn more. This is a fairly easy course because it does not dive deep into a lot of topics because it only covers the basics of a few different areas. If you want a pretty easy class that teaches you about art basics, AHS 100 is for you!


2. Intro to Theatre

Another introductory class that covers a wide range of topics is Intro to Theatre. A great option that THEA 100 is the ability to take this class online. There is even an 8-week course option so you can get full credits in half the time of regular classes! This class has a lot of work involved but it is worth it to be done in half the time. This class will also cover the very basics of theatrical form and how productions are made and run.


3. Intro to Dance History

There are not many people who know much about dance beside the dancing they do at parties and in clubs. If you choose to take Intro to Dance History you will learn about how dance has evolved over the years and has become what it is today. DANC 100 requires you to have an open mind and an eagerness to learn as the professors of this class are very passionate about dance and its history.


4. Introduction to Music

If your passion lies with music, this is where you should start at Ball State. Introduction to Music is a beginner class that discusses the basics of music and its impact on society in the history and today. MUHI 100 is a great option to keep in mind when picking a fine arts course. You will learn a lot and have fun doing it!


5. Perspectives of Jazz

If you are already interested in music and have some background knowledge in the world of music, Perspectives of Jazz is a great option for you! MUHI 139 covers the basics with a little more detail about the world of jazz. If jazz is a love of yours this class will reinforce your interests and teach you some things you may not have known!


It is important to pick classes that you think you will enjoy because that decision can make or break your semester. These are some of the fine arts classes that you can pick from at Ball State University. You must complete at least one of these classes to meet the Univesity Core Curriculum requirement. If you don’t do one of them you won’t graduate!

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