Tips For Success in AMH2020 at University of Florida

AMH2020 or US History since 1877 is a history class that several UF majors (including Journalism) require as a prerequisite. The course set-up is fairly simple: lecture twice a week and discussion once a week. The class can move kind of fast, but don’t worry, with these tips you shouldn’t have a problem passing the class!

Be Prepared to Learn About History from Before 1877

The official title of the course should be US History since 1865. The first few lectures in the class cover material from Reconstruction, starting right after the Civil War. This material will probably be a review for most students, but don’t just brush off the information. Some of it will likely show up on the midterm, so make sure you have good notes. Even if the exam questions aren’t directly about reconstruction, you can still use reconstruction events to help support points in your essays.

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Buy The Textbooks

There are three required textbooks for AMH2020. Since it’s an American History course, some students think they don’t necessarily need to buy all the textbooks. Unfortunately, this is not the case for AMH2020. The final paper and some of the exam questions will cover material from the textbooks that aren’t covered during lecture, meaning you need that specific knowledge. Discussions will also cover a combination of lecture material and textbook material, so in order to participate, you need to read the chapters.

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Show Up For Discussion

Discussion is when all the quizzes in the class take place. The quizzes aren’t announced beforehand, so if you don’t show up you could miss a quiz that you may not be able to make up. You also miss out on easy participation points by skipping discussion. In other words, your attendance record for discussion each week could mean the difference between getting an A or a B at the end of the semester.

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Be Prepared to Write

AMH2020 is a class that requires a lot of writing. There is a final paper at the end of the course. The midterm has an essay that is worth 20 of the exam’s 25 points. The exams also have short answer questions that require about 3-5 sentences worth of information to get full points. At the beginning of discussion, you’ll also have to turn in written summaries of the textbook readings to get full participation points. In other words, you better get used to writing historical essays.

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Check Canvas Often

Canvas can be a very valuable¬†tool in AMH2020, and I don’t just mean to check your grade. Prior to exams, your professor will post a list of example short answers and a list of possible essay questions (one of which will be the essay you write on the actual exam). These questions can be extremely¬†helpful when studying so you don’t feel like you’re going into the exam blind. Canvas is also your go-to for information regarding extra credit at the end of the course.


As you can tell, AMH2020 requires a decent amount of work. The good part is, none of it is necessarily difficult work. If you show up, apply yourself, pay attention and take notes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do great! Good luck!

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