5 Ways To Succeed In IH 0852 At Temple University

Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (IH 0852) is a course where students read important works of social, political, and scientific thought, with a focus on the well-being for societies. Through this course, you will learn how to use complex systems to both understand and shape the world. Here are five easy tips to succeed in this class.

1. Attend Class

Attendance for this class is mandatory. Attendance is also important for students to learn the themes and concepts of this course. Everything a student learn from this course come from books and word of mouth. This course surrounds a free flow of discussion. There are no notes posted online, but students don’t exactly need to take notes either. Discussions come from a construction of ideas from the students. It’s important for students to attend class in order to gain knowledge and stay successful in this class.


2. Rent The Textbooks

There many different books needed for this course. Majority of the novels needed for this course can be found for cheap through online files or renting from places other than the university’s bookstore. The cost of these books add up, so it’s important for students to take into consideration where they get these books from. Students don’t need to break the bank to stay successful throughout this course.


3. Stay On Track With Readings

In this class, there are recommended due dates as to when students should have certain chapters or the entire book finished. It’s vital for students to space out their readings in order to actually receive the messages the books are trying to convey. Time management is everything in throughout this course. Most of the discussion revolves around the texts so it will be difficult for students the students who haven’t read the texts to participate. Waiting last minute to read a novel causes nothing but stress.


4. Participate

This course revolves around a seminar style. Students are required to participate in class, but it’s better for students to speak on their own than to be called on by the professor. The texts covered in this course are complex and students need to discuss what they read in order to get a better understanding of the texts. Discussions allow students to make the most out of their readings. This is where students are allowed to ask questions and provide answers with each other.


5. Put Effort Into Assignments

Assignments are an important part of the grade in this course. The assignments assigned to students revolve around the opinions students have on whichever book they are focusing on. These assignments are designed for the professor to see if the students have actually put effort into readings the text and have made the most out of the new knowledge they received. These are easy points students will receive if they take the time to talk about what they took away from the texts.


At Temple University, one of the courses students are required to take at some point in their academic career is Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good (IH 0852). Through this course, students receive a better understanding of key values and ideas of people in the past and how these concepts have come to shape the world we live in now. With these five easy tips, any student can succeed in this class.

Author: Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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