5 Ways To Succeed In MSP 0823 At Temple University

The course Latin American Media (MSP 0823) explores how Latin American influences are extremely evident in U.S media and culture. The course also explores how the U.S influences Latin American media and culture. Here are five easy ways to succeed in this class.

1. Attend Lecture

This course focuses on Latin America media as key institutions within the region and also as they interact with the United States. Lectures follow a timeline on when and how these influences began. It’s important for students to understand when certain events happened for none of this information is posted online.


2. Take Notes

The only way to acquire notes for this course is to attend class. There are never any notes posted online. This course explores how Latin America and the U.S have impacted each other, so it’s important to differentiate on how each country affected the other. It’s important to keep notes of each country’s differences.


3. Watch The Videos

There are concrete examples of how Latin America and the U.S have influenced each other. Many of these examples are shown in videos. Some of the videos are shown during class, but many are sent to students to watch before classes begin. It’s important for students to watch these videos on their own time because they may be quizzed on.


4. Read The Articles

In order to fully understand exactly how Latin America and the U.S have actually influenced each other, students must read interviews or articles that express these views. Students need to learn about first-hand experiences with these influences in order to see how influences can be both positive and negative. Some articles are also quizzed on, so it’s important for students to stay up to date with their readings.


5. Study

This class is not too difficult, but exams are a large part of the grades. Students should not wait last-minute to study in this class. The information taught in this class requires a lot of memorization. It’s easier to study facts and concepts a few weeks before the test arrives to ensure a good test score.

In all, Latin America Media (MSP 0823) is a World Society GenEd offered at Temple University. With these five easy steps, any student can be successful in this class.

Author: Michelle Colón

Neuroscience student at Temple University.

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