10 Gifs That Describe What It’s Like to Be A UNH Student

Attending and being a student at UNH comes with a lot of emotions and reactions to certain things. UNH offers a unique campus life and academics, so as such, there will be some odd occurrences. Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at UNH.


1. When they use the words “curtailed operations” in the email they send you about cancel classes.

The decision to curtail is made when the Durham campus is or is expected to be, unprepared for parking, pedestrian traffic, and local road conditions preclude the continuation of bus service and/or there are utility and power outages that impact our working environment. However, most UNH students have to Google this definition after staring at their phones for 2 minutes confused as to what this term, “curtailed operations” means. But, now you know!

2. When the Wildcat Transit is nowhere to be seen but the UNH app says its arriving.


Although the app is very easy to use, it can still be confusing and stressful at times when you think that the bus is at your stop but it’s nowhere to be seen. When this happens, it most likely is just around the corner stopped for a traffic light, pedestrian, or just plain traffic in general. Have no fear, the transit is on the way!

3. Getting ready to lose your voice doing the hockey chants.


You may think that because you’re not a huge sports fan, or because you don’t get too rowdy at events that this won’t apply to you, but you will see with time that it does. The spirit at UNH hockey games is both infectious and contagious, and you really can’t avoid it. Bring your cough drops and a beverage to get through!

4. Trying to find an open table in Union Court during lunch time.


Because Union Court is one of the most popular places on campus, it’s usually hard to find a seat between the short time of 12-12:30/1ish. The rush doesn’t last too long, but if this is when your lunch break is, it’s a good idea to have a backup place to chill and eat because sitting in the actual Union Court area will definitely be a struggle.

7. Having to awkwardly kick people out of a breakout room at Paul College because you have it reserved or being kicked out when someone else has it reserved.


This one is pretty much a given… but it does happen often. Remember that confrontation is healthy at times and 9 times out of 10 it’ll only last a minute or two. If the people in the room put up a fight there are faculty around who can help deal with the situation, but that’s probably a very rare occurrence. We are all adults here.

8. Trying to be extra quiet in the Quiet Study Rooms in Diamond Library but then your phone vibrates.


The quiet study rooms at Dimond Library are so wonderfully quiet that making a loud noise can cause anyone’s heart to skip a beat. It’ll most likely happen inevitably, and students know and can relate to these situations so they won’t get mad, but it is awkward and embarrassing to some when it happens so… just be prepared.

9. Being hella jealous of people living in air-conditioned dorms like Congreve Hall when it’s wicked hot out.


Although it is New England and it doesn’t get incredibly hot out before we go back to school in the fall, it sometimes can feel like your dorm is a sauna and THAT is when this GIF will be most relatable to you. You will be jealous of the Congreve students inevitably.

10. The joy you feel when you see a dog while sitting on T-Lawn.


This probably goes without saying, but seeing a dog on UNH campus is a tiny blessing that you will always be grateful for. Luckily, because Durham (especially T-Lawn) is so friendly and beautiful, you will most likely see lots of dogs which is very exciting. Who doesn’t love dogs? Actually, don’t answer that. We all do.

So, there you have it. If you see these GIFs roaming the internet prior to becoming a UNH Wildcat, they might not be too important. But after? They will be so relatable you’ll have to laugh and then share with all your college friends!

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