5 Things To Know About Being a CL at Baylor

For those of you that are a little unfamiliar with the terminology, CL is a Community Leader here at Baylor. This is the equivalent of an RA at other colleges, the upperclassman that you can go to in your hall, the hall monitor of your dorm. Becoming a CL is an amazing way to get involved at Baylor, make money, and have a place to live for free! So here are a few things you may want to know before you begin your process of becoming a CL here at Baylor!

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1. Application Process

When we say application process, we mean: applying, interviewing, more interviewing, classes, and you’re in! But don’t be overwhelmed! If you want to become a CL, you usually apply in the middle of fall semester, and if you pass this part, you get to go through a couple rounds of group interviews so that they can get a feel for who you are as a person. Each interview is sort of like a round, and when you pass you go on to the next until the last round. If you pass the last interview, then you are basically in, but not technically. You must enroll in some leadership classes for the spring and this means that you are in. However, there is the fact that you could possibly fail or drop the course, in which case you will not become a CL. What an application process!

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2. Meetings

If you want to be Community Leader at one of the dorms at Baylor University, there are going to be a lot of meetings to attend. You will have to have some beginning meetings with your freshman, just getting to know everyone in the dorm, introducing them to the rules, and checking up on them to make sure everything is going well and the rules are being followed. Then there are many staff meetings that you must go through with the rest of the dorm CLs and your boss’. Just going over protocol and how things are going and maybe how to improve what is happening in the dorms. These include some personal meetings with your supervisors, just getting more of a feel how your hall is doing, and what you have been doing to include your freshman in the Baylor experience and their dorm. Everyone knows they can be a hassle, but it’s your job, and you got this!

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3. Drinking Policies

This may seem kind of obvious, but it needs to be said for those who are unaware. Although Baylor is a dry campus, we all know that alcohol somehow makes its way around to college students. If someone catches you drinking anywhere or anyplace if you are under 21, they can report you and you will be kicked out of the CL program and could get suspended from school. It is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. Only really admirable, upstanding people can be CLs and if you are seen with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things, you might miss your chance to be a CL. You are going to be a person who has to make sure that others are not drinking and violating school rules and the law and if you violate them yourself, then you cannot be trusted looking out for the safety of these young students. Be careful how you go about your school year if you plan on being a CL.

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4. Event Planning

You are not just someone who supervises the hallways as a CL. You are a community leader and that includes planning fun events for the students in your hall. These freshmen are just getting used to life away from home, getting into the rhythm of school work, and trying to make friends, it might help them if their new home away from home was welcoming and a fun place to hang out and do cool things. People have little events like playing board games or cooking together. Sometimes they just do chill things like coloring or talking, and sometimes they have big events such as dances and formals. You will have to get creative and come up with cool ways to get your students involved in your dorm and talking with one another.

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5. The Big Sibling

You may all know this but if you become a CL, you are going to be a sophomore or older, usually looking out for freshman students. The idea is, you know the ropes and they don’t. You are going to be the big brother or sister that they come to for advice, help or questions and it is important to make yourself available and approachable to them so that they know they have someone to come and talk to.  Sometimes students have problems with their freshman roommate and don’t know how to solve the issues, or they are confused about where certain classes are or even just wondering about how certain things work on campus. As their CL, you are there to help mediate anything that goes on and give them advice and tips from your own experience as a freshman at Baylor. Pass on your wisdom and knowledge and help them out a little. Sometimes, you may need to even come to them and ask them if they have any questions or concerns, as many new students will be shy. You are their big sibling though, so just embrace the job like you are!

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Now you know a whole lot more about the whole process of being a Community Leader at Baylor! Now you know what to expect if you decide to apply for this position. Many people believe that this job is very rewarding and that you will not regret your decision to stay on campus another year and become a dorm CL. Good luck!

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