5 Fads of Baylor University

Every University differs in terms of its little quirks and fads around its campus and Baylor is no different. There are many sayings and common beliefs shared around this University, some apply to people and some don’t but it is fun to learn about them and notice these ideas and things being expressed around campus while you are at Baylor. Here are a couple of fun fads you might like to know about life at Baylor University.

1. Dr. Pepper Floats

What did you expect? Dr. Pepper was literally invented in Waco, Texas! And no one will ever let you forget this fact as it is super hyped around campus. Here at Baylor, we have Dr. Pepper hour every Tuesday, where you can come to the SUB and get a free Dr. Pepper float and enjoy fun conversation and hang out time while eating the magnificent masterpiece created in this beautiful town. You won’t see many coke products around, as Pepsi and Dr. Pepper go hand in hand and everyone is obsessed. There is even a beautiful Dr. Pepper museum not far from campus that really showcases how much this college town loves its soda. You may not be a big soda drinker, but after coming to Waco, you may be hooked!

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2. Southern Style

If you do not live in the south, this might be news to you. People coming from California who are used to the California casual will be in shock once they head south to Waco, Texas. Southern style refers to a style of clothing expressed in the Southern belt, especially during the humid, deathly summer heat. This consists of big T-shirts and athletic shorts, most times people wondering if someone is really wearing any shorts on those oversized T-shirts! You are going to want to stock up on your big T-shirts as you head to Baylor because you will stick out like a sore thumb if you are wearing much else during the months of August to October and April and May. This is a major fad here at Baylor and everyone heads over to Barefoot or the Bookstore to go and join the style.

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3. Business Before Christmas

Every school has their own funny little sayings that describe situations and ideas that are widely spread around campus. One of the famous ones from Baylor includes “Business before Christmas.” It is a known fact around campus that underclassman in the Business school has a much easier schedule than those of the Science world or literature. Many of the business classes are very laid back and thought of as some of the easiest classes around campus, at least lower classman classes. That being said, many students who have chosen a harder major such as Neuroscience, Pre-med, or Biochem, realize how difficult it is to keep up with such a competitive major and before Christmas break, end up switching to the Business School, where it is much slower and easier for the students. It’s a funny saying because it happens quite often by the end of fall semester, but that is why they call them weed out classes!

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4. Ring By Spring

To go along with the last fad, we have another saying that is quite popular around Baylor‘s campus. Many people when they go to college, do not really have their minds on getting married right away and settling down. Marriage rates are not very high in undergraduate universities; however, at Baylor, the low number of weddings skyrockets to a shocking number. That’s right, “Ring before Spring” refers to a man proposing to his girl before the Spring Semester of their Junior year at Baylor. It’s crazy, young freshman bug-eyed wondering how this saying is true, and then finding out that yes, Baylor students are very close and personal here and many guys are not afraid to show their love for their girl, proposing before even graduating. We don’t exactly know why this fad is so true, but it is. So if you head to Baylor, look out! You might just find the love of your life.

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5. Common Grounds

If there was any fad that we had to talk about here at Baylor, it would definitely be Common Grounds. Sure, you’ve got Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks to fill your coffee cravings, but how can those even compare to the trendy coffee shop we call Common Grounds? Located on campus, this cute shop sells phenomenal coffee and little goodies as well as the coolest merch ever! It has a homey, retro feel inside the shop, with random couches and chairs to sit down and relax and drink some coffee and color or work or do school work. Sometimes it can be hard to come across a seat inside here, because of its love, and so you just head out back where there are lots of benches and lawn chairs. Many people make this place their study base, a perfect place to just sit outside in peace and just work and enjoy the amazing coffee! Make sure you try a Cowboy Coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

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6. Whataburger vs. In n Out

When you come to Texas, you know you have to try out the popular fast food joint Whataburger, but Waco and Baylor have created a food between the competing burger places of Whataburger and In n Out. If you are from the West Coast, you have grown up with In n Out as the place to be. But many Texans and West Coast people tend to change their mind or completely stick to their heritage and it is an ongoing battle of which burger joint is better. Look out, you are probably going to be asked this question at some point on Baylor campus, with the two joints, not even a mile from campus, located just on the edge of campus in the grease pit, with the rest of the fast food places. Make sure you try both and decide for yourself. Choose wisely!

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These probably don’t even cover the long, long list of fads here at Baylor University! Here are just a few to help you as you begin your journey in Waco, Texas. It is good to know what is popular and common in your new hometown, so make sure you try it all out and come to your own conclusions about all these ideas and fads. It is really an amazing place and has so much to offer. Keep your eyes open!

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