5 Ways To Impress Your Professors at Baylor

As a college student, it is important to make a good impression to your professors at the beginning of each semester. It makes a difference and can definitely change your experience in your classes whether or not your professors at Baylor think you are a good student or if they believe you are unfocused and disrespectful. Since Baylor is an upstanding private, Christian college, you are held to a higher standard and it is important to remember this as you try to be amicable to your professors. As you start each semester, follow these few steps to ensure that you make that good first impression on your professors to create a great semester.

1. Go to Office Hours

Going in to see your professor who likely does not know who you are in the sea of his many large classes can sound intimidating. But don’t let that stop you! Once you go to the first one you will wonder why you thought it was such a daunting task. Most of your professors at Baylor will actually be really down to earth and interested to talk with you, whether it is about questions you may have about the course or even just to talk about random topics and to get to know him or her better. Talking with them about why you chose a Christian University and where you think God is taking you on this journey is a personal favorite topic around here. This could be very beneficial in the future if you are struggling and need help, a personal relationship with your professors can aid you in bringing your grade up with their help

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2. Put Away That Phone

Whether your professor allows phones in class or not, you should always be engaged during class and try not to look at your phone. From experience, many of us know that when we are talking to a group of people and looking around the room, people who are on their phones or talking to other people or simply just not paying attention tend to hurt our feelings. Baylor teachers pride themselves on their work and studies and it is important to listen and take interest in what they are trying to teach you. What your professor is talking about is important and they want to know that you understand that by paying attention. Not having your phone out makes you more amicable and better prepared for exams!

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3. Be an Active Learner

In class, discussions are what drive your time there, what helps people learn and understand better. If no one is answering or asking questions, your time in class can be very boring and discourage your teacher. However, truly engaging in class and actively learning can stimulate learning and your teacher will be very impressed with you. Many professors at Baylor pride themselves on this kind of teaching and learning process as our mission statement strives to educate in such a way. Don’t be too shy to just speak your mind in class, it gets the lesson going and can help everyone around you.

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4. Be On Time

Yes, everyone knows that being on time to class is a very good sign in a person and many people — not just professors— enjoy this quality in others. However, this does not only refer to being on time to class but leaving on time. Many students become antsy and begin to pack up 4-7 minutes before the class period is over, and this can really tick professors off. They try to start right on time as to not take up any of their students time and they expect the same in return. This is their slot time to teach and they do not feel respected when others begin to make noise in order to pack up and be out of the class as soon as possible. So make sure you are on time with leaving and not starting to pack up and book it out of the room ASAP, your professor will really appreciate it.

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5. Dress to Impress

It is very true that you should dress for success, and in college, this saying becomes very pertinent during your classes. People these days seem to bypass this notion, wearing sweats and crop tops to class and setting of a bad image for their professors. Though you may not realize it, your appearance does count and professors seem to notice things like this when being introduced to a new class. Especially if you have to give presentations in class, it is very important to dress appropriately for such instances. Baylor prides itself on teaching leadership and service through academic excellence and what you wear can definitely show how much you care about Baylor‘s mission.  Many people view college as their job, professors dress nicely for their job teaching you, they most likely appreciate it when their students dress just as nice for their job as well. Demonstrate to your professors that you take their classes seriously and they will treat you with respect. Keep in mind when you are getting ready in the morning that you want your professors to respect and like you for the rest of the semester, so dress to impress!

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Though professors are not at all like your old high school teachers, they do want to feel connected to their students. Maybe they can’t learn everyone’s name and have a personal relationship, but if you follow these steps, you can improve your chances of your professor creating a personal relationship with you that will help you throughout the semester. Remember that your professor is the one that creates all the tests and lectures and knows how and what to study. Use them to your advantage to help you ace this semester’s classes!

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