10 Best Places to Study at Simon Fraser University

 The rule of thumb for studying is, that students should spend 2-3 of study time for each hour that they spend in class, for each class. That’s 45 hours per week just studying, on top of actually going to class, which takes 15 hours per week with a full course load at SFU. Yikes!

Here are the 10 best places to study at Simon Fraser University: 

1. The W.A.C. Bennett Library

Let’s start with the most obvious space. Don’t let the smatter of tables and computers on the third floor distract you from the ample opportunities on the other floors! The 5th floor is a silent study area with a sprinkle of comfy grey chairs and desks with dividers, while the 6th floor has a stunning view on the north side. For group work, the 2nd floor has large tables and a bustling atmosphere.

2. The Westmall Trenches

Comfy chairs on the 2nd floor, a sprawling study area (with a Tim Hortons!) on the 3rd floor, and SFU again hits us with that stunning north view of the mountains on the 4th floor. From the bottom to the top of these trenches, you’ll be sure to find a winning study seat.


3. The Rotunda

Hovering above the middle transportation center, this study area is open 24/7. With its prime location to transit, food, and class, what more could you ask for? Oh, don’t forget to check out the infamous shelf of generosity.

4. Maggie Benston Center

There’s more to this building than mundane student administration and book sales. The 2nd floor has a spread of tables and booths, complimented by several quick-grab vendors (and the renowned Guadalupe Handmade Burritos), while the 1st floor is quiet with tables tucked under the stairs.

5. The Underground

While grabbing a quick coffee from Higher Grounds, don’t settle for the busy crowded tables inside the cafe. Walk down the stairs and grab a seat in the Underground, nestled neatly under the pub.

6. Robert C. Brown Hall

Keeping with our theme of under the stairs, the study area just outside RCB has plenty of comfy chairs, outlets, and long tables built into the ground. If you walk further past the obvious study area, you’ll find sunken tables with great sky windows and if you’re brave enough, stone tables outside and covered with a view of the pond.  

7. 5th and 6th Floor of the AQ

All these low places getting you down? Head for higher tables on the 5th and 6th floors. While the 5th floor can be busy with the flow of tutorials, the 6th floor is occupied by Arts faculty departments- Aka, professors who don’t need the tables to study.

8. Mackenzie Cafe

Grab a bite to eat, and while you’re at it, set up shop in one of the comfy chairs or booths spread throughout this large cafe located on the east side of the AQ. From Subway to your next lecture, everything is just steps away.

9. Vacant Tutorial Rooms

Especially prime during exam periods when there are no tutorials, perform a few stakeouts in RCB, Westmall, or the 5th floor of the AQ throughout the semester and locate rooms that are unlocked and vacant when you and your friends are looking for a more private place to study on campus.

10. The Highland Pub

My personal favorite. Move over Starbucks! The Highland Pub is deceptively large, with a quiet corner tucked down past the second bar. The atmosphere is great, the view is incredible, and casual drinks are just a step away. Best yet- there’s plenty of room when the bar isn’t throwing one of its rowdy theme nights!


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