Varsity Pizza on the Hill – A Syracuse University Tradition

The Marshall Area around Syracuse University is the main hub for students to get their off campus food fix. They have seen many places come and go, especially with the recent closing of the landmark Cosmo’s Pizza. However, there is one place on the hill that has been a SU staple for generations of college students, SU sports fans, and visitors. This place is Varsity Pizza.

Located on South Crouse Avenue, this local joint has been serving the Syracuse University community since 1926. The place was opened up by the grandfather of John and Jerry Dellas, cousins who took over the restaurant in 2001. Since then, they have been a full service sports restaurant, serving delicious pizza, wings, and deli to SU students, sports fans, and faculty.

Varsity Pizza Review John Dellas – Tomato & Feta Img Credit.

Walking into the restaurant, you are blasted with all the Syracuse paraphilia on the wall. From pictures of SU’s football, basketball, and lacrosse teams, to shots of Syracuse legends like Ernie Davis and Jim Boehiem, a Georgetown fan would feel uneasy eating in this establishment. From there, you look left and see a wide array of different thick-crust pizzas. From cheese, to buffalo chicken, to their famous spinach-tomato and feta, all have been made by the samepizza lady,? Ellie, who has been making the pizza at Varsity for a number of years. There cooking method allows the pizza to develop a crispy bite, but still have the chewy inside that Central New York pizza-lovers enjoy. The combination of the two textures, plus the fresh toppings makes Varsity one of the top pizza joints in Syracuse.

Elli Darmoyslis, who has worked for 41 years at the Varsity, prepares a Varsity special pizza at the SU Hill institution Tuesday afternoon Elli Darmoyslis has been at the Varsity for 41 years, she is preparing a Varsity special pizza at the SU Hill institution. Img Credit.

In addition to mouth-watering pizza, the Varsity is also known for their wings. The wings are freshly fried per order, doused in their tangy hot sauce, and served sizzling hot with blue cheese dressing for dipping. Their sauce is not spicy, but has just the right amount of tang to make your tongue tickle. You can experience the Varsity wing experience through traditional chicken wings, or order up their classic Humdinger sandwich. The sandwich consists of a fried chicken cutlet doused in wing sauce, and served with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a heaping pile of potato chips. The Humdinger is a favorite amongst all Varsity fans, but they also have a wide variety of deli options. From wraps, like the Chipotle Chicken and Cran-Turkey, to classic BLT and Rueben sandwiches, the Varsity has all kinds of sandwiches to fit the needs of all pallets. No matter what sandwich you order, it will be stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables, come with a hearty serving of potato chips, and all the pickle chips you can eat. I guarantee that you will not leave here hungry!

The Varsity Pizza Wings The Varsity Pizza Wings

The Varsity is a place on the Syracuse University campus where people from all walks of life can sit down and enjoy a good hearty meal. Whether you are stopping in for lunch in between classes, getting ready for a SU sporting event, or celebrating a SU victory, the Varsity is the place to be. The restaurant has been on the Hill for almost 90 years, and has always shown SU pride. The Varsity is a staple here on campus, and a student cannot graduate from Syracuse until they go there.

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