Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – Best BBQ Ribs Near Syracuse University


When people are looking for good barbeque, they will most likely travel down south to barbeque capitals such as Memphis, Kansas City, and St. Louis. With different cities having their own signature style of barbeque, the United States has a wide variety of meaty, mouth-watering options to satisfy any pallet. However, most people do not think of Central New York when it comes to smoked meat. Dinosaur Barbeque has blown the minds of its diners for the past 26 years.

A Plate of Ribs at Dinosaur BBQ A Plate of Ribs at Dinosaur BBQ (credit: roadfood.com)

Founder and former biker John Stage opened Dinosaur Barbeque in Downtown Syracuse, NY in 1988 as a small barbeque shack serving lunch and dinner. Seeing the popularity of the idea, the restaurant expanded to a full service dining restaurant with a bar. Today, the joint is packed with locals, college students, and a long-standing tradition of motorcycle junkies.

Dinosaur BBQs Sauce Dinosaur BBQs Secret Sauce (credit: alivecampus.com)

Do not expect to come to a restaurant with three different kinds of forks, cloth napkins, and Pino Grigio by the class. This place is a no frills, down-home barbeque joint, where diners expect to come out of the restaurant with the scent of sauce on their fingers and possibly a stain on their shirt. The aroma of the smoked meat, spices, and beer fill the air as people stand by the bar and wait for their table. And they wait, as there is never a slow service in this small joint. Be expected to wait two hours before you get seated. However, once people sit down and eat, most will say the two hours was well worth the wait.

Dinosaur-BBQ-Syracuse Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse NY (credit: carolinasaucecompany)

Dinosaur Barbeque takes styles of barbeque from all over the United States and brings them together into one restaurant. From St. Louis style ribs, to Carolina pulled pork, and Texas beef brisket, all regions of the barbeque nation are represented. All of their meats are seasoned with their signature spice blend, and then smoked low and slow for numerous hours. This ensures that when people bite into their barbeque, the true flavor of the meat comes out, creating a delectable experience for the carnivore. Later, some meats, such as their ribs and chicken, are glazed in their signature barbeque sauce, a robust combination of sweet and smoky flavors. For people who like their meat extra saucy, every table is equipped with an extra bottle of their signature sauce forsensatious slathering.? And what is barbeque without side dishes? Some of the crowd favorites consist of the mac and cheese, French fries, simmered collard greens, and coleslaw. All plates are served with a chunk of their sweet cornbread. No matter what patrons order, they will receive a barbeque meal fit for a king and leave the place with full stomachs and a strong desire to go back the following week.

Cutting the ribs at Syracuse's Dinosaur BBQ Cutting the ribs at Syracuse’s Dinosaur BBQ (credit: kevinsbbqjoints.com/)

Since opening, the restaurant has expanded into a barbeque franchise, opening restaurants throughout New York State, New York City, and even one location in New Jersey (Newark) and Connecticut (Stamford). Their sauce is bottled and sold in supermarkets across the east coast. With a wide variety of barbeque styles and a simple attitude towards their product, Dinosaur Barbeque has put Syracuse and Central New York on the barbeque map. So for an experience that will expand your curiosity and stomach, go to the corner of West Willow Street for a taste of the some best barbeque the nation has to offer.

The Inside of Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, NY (credit: http://rochester.twcnews.com/)

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