50 Best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016

Here is a compilation of the most popular and best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016.

With over 16,600 members, Overheard is a group for students to share hilarious conversations, bring inappropriate behavior to light, and highlight acts of kindness around campus. Enjoy the 50 best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016:

1. This scene, though!

2. God bless sympathetic profs.

“44. Break time. Have a little stretch, take a sip of water, circle “A” on your Scantron as the answer to Question #44. There. Now move on to Question #45.”

3. Remember when this happened…


5. Campus in the fall.

6. Campus in the winter. Look closely.

7. University of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8. We apparently really love geese.

9. All birds, really.

10. Bunnies too!

11. Acts of kindness.

12. Artists, everywhere.

13. That’s more like it.

14. “Happy Water”

15. Hahahah.

16. Is that a baby squirrel? yes.

17. Marketing goals.

18. Gratitude for good samaritans. 

19. More goodness.

20. So meta.

21. The illusive “dignity”

22. Sustainability win.

23. Sustainability fail.

24. Vaping got big this year.

25. So did Pokemon GO.

26. This guy gets it.

27. Safewalk walks Safewalk.

28. Graduation looks different for everyone.

26. ..

27. Senior inspo.

28. Prof pranks.

29. Snack angels!

30. Industrious erasers.

31. Nothing but fashion.

32. Just trying to do our part.

33. VIP drop-off be like…

34. Because it can be hard making friends.

“I’m new to town and would like a best friend forever. As best friends forever we will congregate frequently and engage in many appropriately enjoyable activities together.

We will also help each other with various stuffs. For example, I will help you study for you psychology exam and you will help me bury a number of heavy black bags in the woods. Since we are best friends, there will be no need for you to look in the bags, ask any questions, or tell anyone about what transpires in the woods. After we finish I imagine we will go back to my place and make banana bread together. 

BYOB (Bring your own banana).”

35. Struggle tips. Click image to magnify.

36. What’s up, Harambe?

37. Dear ____, you are loved. 

38. You are valued.

39. Shit happens.

40. Pride week flowers in Quad.

 41. Strangers just killin’ midterms with kindness. Good vibes.

42. Spot the hippo.

43. Chairs mimicking humans.

44. How to get out of student debt.

45. Sweetgrass bear rolled in the likes.

46. Keyword being “dedicated”

47. Painfully Canadian.

48. Student reality.

49. Define: preventative.

50. So ugly the internet rejected it as a feature image.



So there you have it — the best of the best of 2016! Here’s to another hilariously challenging year! 

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