12 Signs You Go to Syracuse University

1. Syllabus Week is a Week Long Party

Whether its your first week of classes or you’re back from winter break, syllabus week gives you just enough time to catch up with friends, hang around campus and hit the bars before you have any major assignments due. What better way to cope with being back to school?

2. You Haven’t Seen Any Coca Cola

With six dinning halls and plenty of other food options, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to get your hands on a Diet Coke on campus. But for whatever reason, ‘Cuse has pledged its loyalty to Pepsi products, which can only mean one thing for students: Jack and Pepsi it is.

3. You Haven’t Seen any 2-Ply Either…

It wouldn’t be your first week of freshman year without the realization that your communal bathroom doesn’t come equipped with 2-Ply toilet paper. We pay over 50k a year to go to school here but can’t get two sheets? A few extra tugs at the roll will have to do.

4. Your Attendance at Happy Hour is Better than in Class

We know where to find you Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 o’clock, the bar of course! $4 beer pitchers and mixed drink specials all just in time for a study break.

5. You Satisfy Your Munchies at any Hour

It can’t be a coincidence that all of your favorite drunk foods are conveniently located around the corner from the bars; Insomnia Cookies, pizza and calzones to name a few. Plus, located on campus is Kimmel Dining Center, which opens at 6pm and closes at 3am on weekends.

6. Your Tailgating Apparel is Good for any Weather

A real Orangeman has ‘Cuse attire for tailgates in 80 degree heat or 30 degree snowfall, both of which are bound to happen in upstate NY. No feat of weather though can stop Orange fans from supporting their favorite teams and looking great while doing it.

7. Your Classes Will NEVER Be Cancelled

At Syracuse University we’re lucky enough to have a state-of-the-art snow removal team that we can rely on for every storm. They’ll even have every street and walkway cleared for you before your alarm goes off for your 8 am. Great…

8. You’re Never Too Old (Or Too Young) for DJ’s

Otherwise known as the “freshman bar,” DJ’s will accept your crappy fake ID and even allow entry to those under 21 for an increase in cover. And you’re never too old for fishbowls and rum buckets, am I right?

9. Castle Court Might as Well be Your Apartment Too

Okay, maybe not. But you do spend a considerate amount of time in the parking lot of this apartment complex day drinking or tailgating before big games. It’s where all of your fellow Orangemen can come together and have a great time. Mi casa es Cuse casa.

10. “F*ck Duke” is as Traditional as the Alma Mater

It wouldn’t be a game against the Orange rival, Duke, without someone writing “F*ck Duke” across their knuckles. We’ve seen hundreds of Insta’s with this caption, though some modify to “Duck Fuke” or “Duke Was My Safety School,” but the message is inherently the same.

11. You Would do Almost Anything for a Floor Ticket to Mayfest

Mayfest; free food and music all day leading up to a huge night event in the infamous Carrier Dome, celebrating the end of the school year. Last spring, floor tickets to the event sold out within minutes and its no surprise why. In the past few years, Syracuse students have seen artists like The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Change the Rapper, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar perform at their Mayfest celebration.

12. If The Sun is Shining, You’re Drinking

Though the winter can be long and hard in Syracuse, one of the best parts about being a ‘Cuse kid is that when the weather finally starts to warm up again, the people come out to play. On sunny spring days, it isn’t rare to see fraternity’s opening their lawns for day drinks, or hear the echoes of music from back-lot parties. When Spring is in the air on campus, it is a happiness felt by all.

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