11 Signs you go to Ohio University

1. You know Jeff. You hate Jeff. Jeff Sucks.

Walking up Jeff hill feels like completing a marathon. It is truly a journey. I mean really, Morton is bad but Jeff is just excessive.

2. Whenever you are away from campus and see someone in an OU shirt you have to say “Go Bobcats!”

…and you definitely become instant best friends and bond over some bobcat love.

3. You or someone you know has had at least one paranormal experience


They don’t call it the most haunted campus in America for nothing.

4. It would be weird to go a day without some squirrel interaction

Even if they freak you out, you can’t escape them. They are everywhere and they want your pizza.

5. You’ve had to deal with people saying things like “isn’t that a big party school?”

Yes, we like a good party. Does that mean we can’t also enjoy a night in with Netflix and Avalanche Pizza? As if.

6. You know that you can always count on Marching 110 to KILL their halftime performance at the football games

Watching the football is a blast but a true bobcat wouldn’t dare leave the game until after the halftime show. Marching 110 knows how to put on a show and we LIVE FOR IT.

7. Halloween becomes HallOUween and it is a whole new holiday

Literally me.

8. If you hear someone say “Donkey Coffee” you will come RUNNING

We tell ourselves it’s for the sake of staying awake but really it’s all for the delicious taste of happiness.

9. You may not be able to count on a text from your crush but you can ALWAYS count on an email from [email protected]

Like actually every single day. Several times a day. So romantic<3

10. Nothing completes a Saturday night out for you quite like Big Mamma’s Burritos

Step aside Chipotle, there is a new flour tortilla in town. Big Mamma’s is one of the best food stops in Athens and any true Ohio University student would know that.

11. Athens is not just home to you, it’s hOUme

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