10 Types Of People You Will Meet At Indiana University

Every university has its own unique set of people, and Indiana University is no exception. From the jock to the quirky arts student, each university has its own personalities that make them what they are. Here are ten types of people that you will meet at Indiana University.

1. The Frat Boy

This person is always seen in button up shirts and boat shoes. They are probably a Kelley student, and every conversation you have with them revolves around their frat. In fact, their entire life revolves around being in a frat. You will often hear them reminiscing with their bros about the crazy weekend they had, or the hot girl they hooked up with. These people will often think they are better than everyone else for being in a frat due to their exclusivity and competitiveness at IU. If they are in a “top tier” frat, this will be even more likely.

2. The Kelley Student

This person lives in suits. You often wonder if they actually own any casual clothing. You always see them walking around Kelley headed to some interview or another, and if they are not doing this, they are probably crying over A100 or K201. They are probably in a business frat, and it is probably AKPsi. They never stop talking about getting an internship or working for JP Morgan, and they carry their resume with them wherever they go. If they are an accounting or finance major, don’t worry, they’ll make sure to let you know.

3. The Hipster

This person most likely lives in Collins. You can identify them by their brightly colored hair or undercuts. They can be found in a variety of majors, mostly liberal arts ones. When you see them on campus, you can’t help but stare.

4. The Sorority Girl

This girl is obsessed with her sorority. All her friends are in sororities too, and it is all she ever talks about. You will often see her walking to class with Starbucks or a Camelbak water bottle. She is always discussing the latest party she went to and who made out with who there. She absolutely cannot hold her liquor, and you will often see her being carried home by her friends at 2 AM. She is the reason for the term “white girl wasted”.

5. The Jacobs Student

This person is never seen without their instrument. They are always off to some audition or another and are almost always practicing their instrument. People often underestimate how hard their major is, but it actually involves a lot of hard work. These people are usually found in Read or Forest.

6. The Athlete

This person, much to the annoyance of their roommate, is awake at 5 AM every morning to go to practice. They never go to parties, and when they’re not in class they are usually working out or training for their sport. You envy them for their fitness, and know that you could never have as much dedication to exercise as them.

7. The Local

This person comes from a tiny town in Indiana with a population smaller than your graduating class. These towns tend to be at least 99% white, so they will often suffer a bit of a culture shock when they come to IU. They often talk about how small their high schools were, and you find yourself pitying them. You often wonder how they didn’t go crazy in a town that small, and how they amused themselves in a place full of cornfields.

8. The Evangelist

Radical Ryan and Brother Jed have been a fixture on campus for a long time. They visit every once in a while to preach about how God hates us all and to condemn us women for being “hoes” and “sluts”. IU just wouldn’t be the same without these two screaming in front of Ballantine at everyone who walks past.

9. The International Student

Usually from India or China, this group makes up a huge part of the students at IU. They are usually rich and like to party a lot. They tend to stay in their own groups, but occasionally make friends with the other students at the university.

10. The Engineering Student 

Oh that’s right, we don’t have an engineering school!

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