10 Things that Grind my Gears at UBC

It is a privilege to go to such a highly regarded school with an insanely beautiful campus in one of the highest ranked cities in the world. However, there are a few things that really get me going as a student. In no particular order, here are 10 things that really grind my gears at UBC.

1. Housing Prices

Oh you want to live in Vancouver and go to UBC?

It’s not just student housing on campus that’s expensive. If you don’t want to shell out almost $1000 each month, you’ll have to sacrifice one or more of the following:

  • Privacy – Share a room or claim a living room to divide up the rent.
  • 2+ hours each day to commuting – The further away from UBC the cheaper.
  • Sunlight – Closed off basement suites can be cheap compared to places with ventilation.
  • Basic Safety – Opt for mould or asbestos to save a few bucks!
  • Sanity (applies to all above

2. Ferraris with Ns on the back

Like this:

There’s a whole tumblr blog dedicated to this exact phenomenom (http://universityofbeautifulcars.tumblr.com/) If you could’ve seen, or even just heard the car I had when I had my N, you would know why this one is particularly grinding of my gears. I can’t even afford a doughnut here and you’re driving that?

3. The Super Pretentious Names of everything in the Nest

With this name, I was expecting a fine dining experience. Instead I walked in to see a cooler containing overpriced food with two people standing behind it.

Yea, that shut down. Because it was too pretentious of a name. (Actually because of the ridiculous prices, but same idea.)


How modern. And wow, the letters are correspondingly upper and lower-case. Someone must have felt really creative. Bluechip was a classic name, it made me feel like I was a part of a campus community and history when I bought a cookie from Bluechip. Now I feel like I’m supporting this ridiculous name change. I’ll still buy the cookie, but I won’t be happy about it.

I know it isn’t actually in the Nest, but it’s close enough, and more than pretentious enough. This very poorly-laid out cafe is just trying to look like some hipster, small business that someone put their hard work and passion into building. The problem is it’s owned by a huge institution and the doughnuts are $4.50.

4.  Everyone and Their Fitness

Why do you have to set the bar so high??

When I can’t even walk between classes without breaking a sweat.

I just want to learn what I have to learn without feeling guilty about my physical activity level.

5. Food Prices

Bring your lunch. Bring your snack. As I said, a doughnut at Loafe goes for $4.50.

6. The Glowing Pillars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know what I’m talking about-the white square objects protruding from the ground near the bookstore and small bus loop. We’ve all walked by these and wondered: Why? I just spent $100 on a textbook I might not even open, and went hungry for the day because I wasn’t willing to buy a doughnut for $4.50 and they think THESE are the best use of our donors’ money? I’ve heard the argument that they are there for safety. Fair enough. But these are the least efficient source of light possible and there are tonnes of other light sources around.

7. Connect

Or should I say disconnect!

But really, even the profs don’t know how to use it. And it always shuts down or malfunctions, especially at the beginning of the year. Trying to navigate this poorly laid out excuse for a website is the last thin you want to do when you have an assignment due. Despite how frustrating that can be, there is a silver: when Connect shuts down, regardless or whether you did an assignment that malfunctioned, you’re off the hook!

8. People trying to sell/promote things

I don’t want to support your new app, I don’t want to buy a doughnut to “fun”draise as punny as that is, and I do not want to sign up to give you money on a monthly basis! I’m sure the cause is a good one but I just came here to go to class.

9. Getting from Class to Class

UBC is beautiful, sprawled over the Point Grey peninsula and surrounded by nature.

The implications of this are that it can take up to 20 minutes to walk between classes, and you’re only given 10. Get ready to be sweaty and panting running in to your class late. It seems like professors have given up with students coming in late even in small classes, because you can always say that you were just coming from Anthropology, or Forestry, or whichever building is further away.

10. Cars on Stairs

This one had to be mentioned. At one point 4 different cars got stuck on a set of stairs at UBC during a period of two weeks. You guys are giving UBC students a bad name in driving!! The even bigger problem here is that barriers were installed at the problem stairs, and still more cars got stuck afterwards.

Are they bad drivers? Just pranksters? We will never know. Instead we will just waste resources on dislodging their cars.

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