10 Signs You Go To University of Houston

1. You got lost on your first day of class because campus is so huge


Garrison gym?? What do you mean it’s across Cullen? Is that even on campus? Yes, yes it is.

2. You’ve gone to a football game

Because our football team is kind of awesome

3. If you didn’t have a lot of red t-shirts before…you do now

But that’s okay, it just makes it easier for you to participate in…

4. Cougar red fridays!!!

It’s kind of a big deal.

5. You’ve chilled by the fountains to catch a breather

not applicable if you came to UH spring of 2014 or afterwards, but not to worry, my friends the fountains should be up and running again by August 2016)

6. You’ve rubbed shasta’s paw at least once before going to take a tough exam

Don’t worry, her growl is worse than her bite

7. The Starbuck’s line at the UC was almost a mile long but you waited anyway because classes got you like…

8. You’ve sipped upon a latte at our campus’ very own Nook Cafe

And yes, they’ll do it extra hot if you ask.

9. Tried your best to avoid the freshman 15 but the food trucks got you like…

10. You never find parking in the lots if you get to campus after 10 am

But it’s okay because…

11. PUPPIES!!!

Yea, that’s right! every semester we have Final’s Mania where students get to play with puppies and eat free waffles at the MD Anderson library. It kinda helps with the “mania” we tend to get around finals time. (See what I did there?)

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